Now you can pretend you were there!

The set times for Coachella have been announced, meaning you can pretend you were there!

Lucky sods. Coachella is one of the world's most prominent festivals, matching a gorgeous landscape with near perfect weather. Capable of bagging exclusive performances, the festival is a talking point for fans around the globe.

Not that ordinary fans are able to go. Not only is the festival on the West Coast of the United States, but Coachella is actually located in the Californian desert making it even more difficult and expensive to get to.

This year, headline sets will come from Arcade Fire, Kanye West and more. Bound to be one of the main musical talking points, the organisers of Coachella have released the set times which means we can all pretend we were there.

There are a funny curious things to note: firstly, the organisers clearly believe that Wire are capable to clashing with Mumford & Sons, despite the enormous success the folk collective have enjoyed recently.

That kind of thinking goes a long way in our book, especially after Wire made their triumphant return to American television after a gap of some 25 years.

Elsewhere, Suede are set to play a greatest hits set. As all true music geeks know, the band were forced to change their name when operating in the States and are billed as 'The London Suede'.

Bit clunky, no? Perhaps that's why they failed to break America. Or perhaps their deeply English take on androgynous glam was just too much for the mainstream to stomach. Either way...

Elsewhere, Lightning Bolt go up against Duran Duran while a crew of British producers bring down the curtain on the Oasis dome. Playing on Sunday night, fans will get to party through sets from Joy Orbison, Kode9, Ramadanman and grime kingpin Terror Danjah - sounds for the desert.

Not that we're jealous or anything...

To check out the full set times click HERE.

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