Clash DJs Bring Back Shoreditch’s Soul: Wednesday 6th February.

Come join us at the Griffin...

Before the invention of single speed bikes and painted on haircuts, Shoreditch was evolving from the wild wild east of London into the beating hood of creativity. Leonard Street, home to the Griffin pub, was the windy outpost of a crew of independent thinking artists and musicians whose collective spirit helped make Shoreditch synonymous with creativity.

The ‘local’s local’ is the Griffin Pub where you’d be as likely to bump into one of the Boy’s Collective (One of them own the gaff) as the emergent label bosses from imprints such Heavenly and Rough Trade. And the Clash DJ squad is stepping up to follow in these musical prints monthly on a Wednesday night, a whole ten years after Junior Boys started pulling the pints and ushered in the modern era.

As Shoreditch has become the towering behemoth of modern culture, for better or for worse, then many so called ‘institutions’ have come and gone whilst The Griffin has continually ploughed its own independent furrow.

As the area has become more gentrified and diluted The Griffin remains a lighthouse for local legends and the spirit of old Shoreditch.

Now it’s 10 years since Junior Boys took over the land lording and as such they’ve lined up a fresh DJ roster for your ears that aside from Clash includes Tim Burgess, Toy, Rhys Webb from The Horrors and DJs from The Fly.  

Clash will be slipstreaming such verve with a playlist ranging from up front and unreleased bands, the most seductive in electronic music and classics to feed your soul.

The DJs kick off at 8 till 12 … so come and explore such history in the cosy confines of a true institution. And come put in a request……

The Griffin
93 Leonard Street · 

The Griffin Pub on Leonard Street in Shoreditch is undoubtably one of the best and is most certainly one of oldest pubs in East London. Featuring a fantastic line up of DJ's on most nights and a great jukebox with sounds supplied from Rough Trade East, the pub's eclectic mix of locals old and new to create a friendly and warm atmosphere.

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