Project is now solo endeavour for Richard H. Kirk...
Cabaret Voltaire

A strange, beguiling beast, Cabaret Voltaire essentially closed all live operations in 1994.

Since then, the band have existed in archive only with Mute recently releasing a number of fantastic compilations.

Over the weekend, though, the project seemed to stir back into life. Berlin's Atonal Festival has revealed that Cabaret Voltaire will appear on its line up, with Richard H. Kirk set to steer a live performance.

The blurb: "With a line up now consisting solely of machines, multi-screen projections and Richard H Kirk, the first Cabaret Voltaire performance of the 21st Century – featuring exclusively new material and no nostalgia – promises to be formidable."

Intriguing! Purchase tickets HERE.

Here's 'Nag Nag Nag'.

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