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British Sea Power

British Sea Power are set to play a special set at this year's FA Cup Final.

Football and pop music make uneasy bedfellows. Sure, 'World In Motion' was a tune and plenty of fantastic bands follow the beautiful game but, in all honesty, that's about it.

Now British Sea Power are set to provide another fascinating link between pop culture and eleven men chasing a ball. The band have been invited to perform at Wembley this summer as part of ESPN's FA Cup Final coverage.

Part of the 'Talk Of The Terrace' segment, the band will play at the newly renovated stadium on May 11th. Wigan Athletic and Manchester City will draw swords, but for some (including us) all eyes will be on British Sea Power.

"We're all up for the Cup," says British Sea Power guitarist Noble. "None of us have been to the new Wembley Stadium, so it'll be an interesting day out. It gives us a chance to do some reconnaissance for the British Sea Power Wembley headline show, which is is scheduled for 2018... It does seem like interesting times, being asked to do something at Tate Britain and the FA Cup. You can easy imagine Big Boss Springsteen playing at Wembley. But the Tate Britain? Nah, forget it Bruce."

British Sea Power are set to play Wembley on May 11th.

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