Met police wade into debate

Reports are filtering through that police are citing rain as a major factor in the decision to call off Bloc.

Shifting from Minehead, Bloc made a statement of intent. Turning their sights on London Pleasure Gardens, organisers unveiled an ambitious new event that recruited some of electronic music's most influential names.

However it wasn't to be. Amid chaotic scenes festival organisers took the decision to call off the festival, shutting down the site early on Friday night (July 6th) and postponing all Saturday events.

Dummy managed to track down a spokesperson from London Met, who seemingly argued that the weather was a major factor. “The problem stemmed from rain, and people hiding under cover during the showers, creating huge ‘pinch-points’. (This created the issues), rather than any over-ticketing.”

Clash writers (and part time meteorologists) Joe Zadeh and Matthew Bennett have since confirmed that nothing resembling 'rain' could be said to have fallen from the skies.

Yesterday (July 8th) Bloc organisers issued a statement to apologise for the events. "By now everyone will have heard that Bloc 2012 was closed due to crowd safety concerns. We are all absolutely devastated that this happened, but the safety of everyone on site was paramount. Given the situation on the ground, we feel that it was the right decision to end the show early. Bloc will not open on Saturday 7th July so please don't come to the site. Stand by for full information on refunds."

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