Agnes Hartwich Is Finding Her Voice

CLASH travels to Copenhagen to catch her on home soil...

Looking around the room at Baggen, it was clear that Agnes Hartwich knew how to make an impression. It was here, at one of the staple venues of Copenhagen’s Kødbyen district, that the artist was hosting her album launch ‘Space Age Country Girl’, an alt-pop offering that reads sonically as a love letter to the 2010s internet age, updated with a newfound modern flair. As the light streamed in from the windows, all faces that made the journey to see Hartwhich in full force tonight became alight, alongside the sense of excitement and suspense in the air as the audience waited for the night to begin. 

Yet, despite the amount of enthusiasm, it was only when Agnes descended upon the stage, that the true energy came to the forefront, her presence heightening the room’s energy and dispersing a new found excitement into the room. The crowd’s reaction seems to shock her- until a smile breaks out onto her face and the music commences, the crowd breaking out into a bustle of dance moves as the night begins.

 As she delves into the title track, her presence echo’s around the room, adorning a stage presence and climbing up the stage to grab the attention of even those in the venue’s back corners. Vocals are adorned with personality as delved into each tracks various subject matter; weather it be heartbreak, new crushes or the various complexities that all 20-somethings go through, Agnes played the character in each, showing her bombastic stage presence with a grace and charm that couldn’t be ignored.

However, in contrast to the grandeur of the opening tracks, Hartwich also demonstrated her more candid performing abilities through one of the highlights of the night; a stripped-back acoustic performance of ‘Cold On This Island.’ Performing completely solo, the vulnerability of Hartwich’s lyrics rang through the venue, turning the once noisy crowd into a wave of silence, reflective listeners. The stripped down number brought a side of her performance style less known to the forefront, and served as a testament to performance skills.

After a few words in Danish, which while not understood in words by CLASH, were crystal clear in emotion, it was time to close with the stomper ‘Damn Wauw’. A true ‘it girl’ anthem, it was the perfect closer for the artist, as relished in her the final moments of the performance by dancing around the stage, interacting with fans, and reacting to the crowds chants back to her. Overall the launch of ‘Space Age Country Girl’ was a true night of chaotic celebration. As the night ended, and crowds dispersed into the Copenhagen streets it was obvious – Hartwich is an artist on the rise.

Words: Lily Blakely-Edwards

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