Dance music's wildest weekender won't be stopped by coronavirus...

Bangface Weekender is still going ahead this weekend.

The dance weekender is renowned for its hardcore attitude, with the Pontins event set to open tonight (March 12th).

Running essentially non-stop across the weekend, Bangface seems determined to steam ahead in the face of any obstacle.

In the space of seven days coronavirus has closed SXSW, postponed Coachella, and sparked huge restrictions on travel - Bangface, though, isn't fussed.

Is this a good thing, though?

The latest advice from all corners is to avoid large scale gatherings, with countries such as Germany capping all public events at 1000 people.

With even Champions League games being played behind closed doors, we can't help but feel being stuck in a holiday camp during a pandemic isn't exactly a wise move...

But then, when has Bangface ever been guided by health and safety? Good luck to everyone going...

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