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Young Knives

Another week, another fresh batch of new tracks on the slab, ready for dissection by a guest reviewer (or some). This week: returning indie-pop champions Young Knives find themselves in the proverbial hot seat – before them, a banquet of shite.

Of course, one person’s delectable multi-course meal is another’s idea of a culinary nightmare – so please do take these opinions as just that: opinions. Nothing’s gospel in the Clash singles round up column.

Apart from The Facts. In this case: Young Knives’ new LP ‘Sick Octave’ is out right now, and its lead single ‘We Could Be Blood’ has itself a video. A video that can be viewed below. And after that: words, courtesy of Thomas ‘The House Of Lords’ (!) Dartnall, on Justin Timberlake, Rudimental and some chap called Elton John.

- - -

Young Knives, ‘We Could Be Blood’

- - -

The Avett Brothers – ‘Another Is Waiting’

This is a terrible song. Americans might like this a bit more because it’s a bit country and stuff, but it’s really horrible.

- - -

Gary Barlow – ‘Let Me Go’

The chorus of this sounds a bit like Mumford & Sons. Perhaps they should do a collaboration, like Gary Lightbody and Taylor Swift. This is better than The Avett Brothers, and the chorus may worm its way into your brain like a botfly larvae. However it’s really difficult to understate how un-good this track is.

If Barlow does it for you, check out Clash’s exclusive interview with the Take That-er, here

- - -

Dawes – ‘Most People’

Who are these guys and where did they come from? They sound like the sort of Christian rock band that would play in assembly at school. It feels like he is trying to do a bit of an Elvis Costello thing, but he falls very short. This little harmonic “twing” noise is really annoying, too.

- - -

Elton John – ‘Voyeur’

There is a theme occurring here. This is also a terrible song. It’s Elton doing an emotional piano ballad. That’s always a bad thing. The lyrics seem to be about how he is misrepresented by the media or something. Poor Elton.

- - -

MS MR – ‘Fantasy’

There is a girl and she is singing… She’s still singing… Okay, now it’s ended. Good. It sounded a bit like Florence + The Machine. So… Okay.

- - -

Rudimental feat. Emeli Sandé – ‘Free’

This would be quite uplifting if you liked this sort of music. I don’t like it, though.

- - -

Justin Timberlake – ‘TKO’


- - -

Young Knives are on tour. Go see them, if you like…

19th – Sound Control, Manchester
20th – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
23rd – Esquires, Bedford

Find Young Knives online here

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