Tottenham MC surveys the latest releases...

Growing up as the son of a reggae DJ on a Tottenham housing estate, Wretch 32 was exposed to all sorts of different music from an early age.

Cutting his teeth on the grime scene, the MC's ambition and pop flair soon took him somewhere else entirely.

Debut album 'Black And White' clocked up over a million sales, and - with new album 'Growing Over Life' forthcoming - Wretch 32 has managed to sustain and build upon his early success.

A succinct and outspoken pop commentator, Wretch 32 agreed to take a look at this week's releases on our behalf.

- - -

Pharrell Williams - 'It Girl'

"This track definitely fits in with the Pharrell's vibe at the moment. It's not completely different or anything too far from what he's currently doing but I like it none the less. It's something I'd listen to in the morning, when I'm getting up and I'm getting geared up for a good day. It's a good positive song." 

- - -

Laura Doggett - 'Moonshine'

"I feel like I really want to understand what 'Moonshine' is. I love Laura's voice, it's pure and mature and I think the record has a very avant-garde mood but I just didn't get to grips with what 'Moonshine' was and I think if I had, I could have really enjoyed the track a lot more. Definitely going to keep listening to this one as I'm keen to gauge exactly that record means."

- - -

Passenger - '27'

"I love the content of this track. I feel exactly where he's coming from, he's a great story-teller and I love it when he starts doing the maths at the end of the track as well as the english, that made it extra interesting and it really has a lot of lyrical depth to it. I really felt this track and the vivid journey it takes you on."

- - -

Hookworms - 'On Leaving'

"I don't think I'm educated enough on this genre to be able to critique it. I was really trying to make out the lyrics but it was a struggle through the distorted riffs and I found the visuals a little bit disturbing and trippy. Maybe if I could make out the lyrics I might be able to understand what the track is about a little bit more, I'm a very lyric based person when I write and also when I'm enjoying and listening to music but unfortunately I could barely make out the words on this one which made it a hard for me to enjoy."

- - -

Knife Party - 'Begin Again'

"The whole record has a New Year's Eve party vibe. It's up-tempo and well produced - it gets to the point and gives the ravers exactly what they want. I can imagine it being a real crowd pleaser of a track, especially in the Asian market - I reckon it'll be a smash in Japan."

- - -

Wretch 32's new album 'Growing Over Life' is forthcoming.

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