Women Are Spearheading Norway’s Alt-Pop New Generation

Seven of the best female artists hailing from Norway breaking barriers into the mainstream...

17th of May is the Norwegian National Day of Independence, the day in which all citizens across the country celebrate the separation from their Scandinavian counterparts in Sweden, who for 99 years used to rule over Norway. Whilst tensions were high during Sweden’s tenure, a peaceful dissolution in 1905 saw all relations reconciled, and the two countries are now thriving in their own right, whilst also boasting an incredible amount of musical talent.

The Swedish have throughout the years been very influential, and occasionally dominated various genres in the music industry on a global level, whereas for Norway it has been rather scarce in terms of musical talent breaking through into the mainstream music industry, with only the odd A-ha, Röyksopp or Todd Terje (to name a few) breaking through.

However, in recent times, there has been an influx of Norwegian artists, and in particular, Norwegian female artists breaking the mould and placing themselves in the spotlight for the whole world to see.

Here are seven of the best female artists hailing from Norway currently.

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Arguably the brightest star currently beaming out of Norway at the moment on the musical front, Sigrid has now released two studio albums in ‘Sucker Punch’ and her most recent ‘How To Let Go’, with the former reaching number four on the UK charts, and the latter sitting currently at No. 2 in the charts.

With an incredible collaboration with what many would currently call one of the biggest bands in Britain in Bring Me The Horizon, and scheduled to play a multitude of festivals this summer including the two British heavyweights in Glastonbury and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Sigrid is really flying the flag high for Norway.

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girl in red

Marie Ulven Ringheim, better known by her stage name alias girl in red has been lighting it up in the Indie Pop scene in recent times. girl in red combines some incredible elements of punk alongside other slightly more tranquil notes, whilst also regularly seen rocking her trademark red LA cap and guitar in hand.

girl in red is proving herself to be a rather cult figure in the modern mainstream music scene. Unfortunately, the Grünerløkka-based artist announced that she would have to cancel all her European headline tour due to health reasons, but there is absolutely no doubt she will be back bigger and stronger on return.

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Hailing from Northern Norway in the beautiful city of Tromsø, Dagny has been illuminating the music industry in the same way the Northern Lights often shine over Tromsø.

Dagny has been enjoying incredible success over the years, signing to the same label as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, two of the biggest and most successful artists in the modern-day pop scene, whilst also writing Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’ for her comeback album.

Alongside these major achievements, Dagny has also garnered huge support from the likes of Zane Lowe and Spotify. It feels as though those who are aware of her are in awe of her, and those that aren’t are in for an incredible surprise when they find out.

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Gaining mass recognition through her debut EP ‘Running With The Wolves’ AURORA has marvelled the world with her stunning precise vocals, whilst also enjoying incredible Tiktok success through the ever-growing single ‘Runaway that has now been used over 1.5 million times on Tiktok.

AURORA’s incredible success has seen her provide the backing track for the John Lewis Christmas advert with a cover of Oasis’ ‘Half the World away’, as well as collaborating and co-writing songs for the likes of Icarus, Askjell and The Chemical Brothers, proving herself as a real master of the industry.

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Emilie Nicolas

With a growing reputation for her jazz-inspired vocals combined with a unique electronic sound, Emilie Nicolas and the way in which she carries herself through her music is showing her true strengths as a singer, composer and producer. Her new material encapsulates the emotions of despair, inexplicable joy and the insatiable desire to dance depict just how progressive the young Oslo-based artist is.

With three studio albums and four Norwegian Grammys under her belt, it surely can’t be too long before she is breaking through on a larger scale.

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Jenny Hval

Inspired by the revolutionary Kate Bush, Jenny Hval has long expressed her admiration for the English musician's ability to write from a variety of different perspectives, something that is evident when listening to Hval’s music. Hval has also released five studio albums, two under the alias Rockettothesky, and the five under her own name, whilst also supporting the incredible St. Vincent on tour.

What’s more, as well as an inspiring musician that hones in on intellectual and uncompromising views of politics and sexuality, she is also an extremely accomplished novelist, merely adding to the wonder of Jenny Hval.

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One of the brightest talents to emerge from the Oslo music scene in recent times, Musti has developed a strong reputation as a real storyteller, drawing inspiration from Somali music, fused with British hip-hop and grime, with a Norwegian twist.

Featuring on fellow Norwegian Sondre Justad’s single ‘Sorry’ in 2021, and playing the prestigious Øya Music Festival in Oslo, Musti is certainly one to watch for the future.

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Words: Ben Broyd

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