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Covering Klaxons, The Kooks, and a ‘Good Kisser’…

This week’s batch of new-release tracks comes reviewed by Irishman James Kelly, aka Tri Angle-signed artist WIFE. His debut WIFE LP, ‘What’s Between’, is out now and features production by The Haxan Cloak. Check out the sharply modern R&B of ‘Tongues’ below…

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Gorgon City – ‘Here For You’

“Eight seconds in and you are beating my skull with kick drums. This is a good thing. No point in f*cking around with a track like this. I’m into it. They are not quite hitting the spot as well as Disclosure, though. I don’t know what the f*ck is supposed to be happening in the video.”

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Austra – ‘Habitat’

“There’s an obvious nod to The Knife going on here. A minute-10 in and I’m still waiting for something interesting to happen… and now we’re moving into some sort of trance-disco territory. This song has interesting ingredients but there’s nothing about the vocals or melody that grabs me.”

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The Kooks – ‘Around Town’

“Who the f*ck starts their video with a parental advisory warning? This assures me that this video is going to be anything but offensive. So they are going for the movie meets music video thing, but the problem is this that we all know we are about to hear a Kooks track, which is more than likely going to be total rubbish, so they are really pushing it by making people endure three minutes of kooky auto fellatio before letting me hear enough of the song to confirm that it is, indeed, total rubbish. I’m not into it, very simply, because this band has absolutely no balls at all whatsoever.”

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Klaxons – ‘Show Me A Miracle’

“I really liked some of their earlier stuff, but they sound four or five years late to the dubstep party now, which is annoying because they sounded more ahead of the curve when they first came out.  This just sounds like a lazy throwaway track. Of all the things anyone would want to sound like in 2014, why would it be dubstep? Was actually hoping it was gonna be a cover of this.” 

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Usher – ‘Good Kisser’

“I had a feeling this was gonna be the best track of the bunch. Slick vid, great production, and a sick delivery from the hot as ever Usher. The track is far from his best, and he's definitely taking cues from JT, but does what it’s supposed to and does it well.  Love that the verse is just drums and a voice.”

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‘What’s Between’ is out now. Find WIFE online here. Photo by Fiona Garden.

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