When She Dance: Jayda G Interviewed

Multi-faceted electronic artist on the familial ties behind her rise...

As Spring slowly started to creep over London, and the warm air gradually started to reinvigorate even the most hardened of Brits after a long Winter, the effervescent Jayda G radiates over Zoom on a late May afternoon. Mere days before the release of her latest acclaimed album ‘Guy’, the multi-talented DJ and producer waxes lyrical on her meteoric rise. 

Known for her unique blend of soft house, soul, funk, and jazz, Jayda’s music touches the hearts of fans and new audiences alike – it’s easy to see how she resonates emotionally across the board. Having grown up in a house of music lovers, music has always been a collaborative labour of love.  From her mother’s passion for opera and classical to her father’s soul and R&B; her brother’s work in hip-hop to her sister’s affinity for disco and roller rinks, her family’s diverse tastes influenced her musical inclinations. Prince – a shared favourite – holds a special place in her heart, and his influence is evident in her music.

‘Guy’ is a vulnerable, yet incredibly beautiful exploration of grief, exploring her father’s life in-depth. Jayda’s seamless blend of her own expertise in audio with an intimate element of family and upbringing results in a gorgeous album. Through her vulnerability, she invites listeners to embark on a shared journey of emotions, bridging gaps and allowing for personal introspection.

On the heels of her recent Boiler Room performance, we spoke about the concept of creating unity on the dancefloor. Her goal is to foster a collective experience where everyone, from the DJ to the dancers, is vibing on the same. “My favourite times on the dancefloor have been those moments when everyone is together and enjoying themselves in unison, and I definitely was trying to do that when it came to the Boiler Room set,” she tells me, “that was an insane set.” 

Jayda mentions she’s not normally a fan of being recorded while performing, and whilst that’s inevitable for a DJ of her status, she jokes that at their core a lot of DJs are introverted. Performing live, however, is a love of hers. There are moments that stand out, including a story involving playing Mariah Carey for the final five minutes of a set and the pure elation that elicited from the crowd. 

Jayda G continues to make waves in the music industry with her distinctive sound, commitment to unity, and willingness to share personal stories. As she navigates her musical journey, one thing remains clear: Jayda G’s music has the power to inspire, unite, and connect people, bringing joy and catharsis to all who listen.

Jayda G’s album ‘Guy’ is out now. Catch her at Field Day in London on August 19th.

Words: Ruby Carter
Photography: Nabil Elderkin

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