Watch The Driver Era Perform New Song ‘Leave Me Feeling Confident’

Plus, check out a Q&A with the band...

After releasing an array of catchy singles over the last 12 months, The Driver Era are now on the verge of releasing their long-awaited second album 'Girlfriend', set for release on October 15th. As a final offering before the album finally drops, the artists are releasing a live, full band performance video for ‘Leave Me Feeling Confident’, premiering exclusively at Clash. Directed by Jesse DeFlorio, the video taps into an area the band are distinctly known for – their intimate, high energy live shows. It’s something their fanbase will certainly have missed throughout the pandemic, but it also acts as the perfect prelude to their upcoming world tour.

Across 15 tracks, Girlfriend sees the creative brotherly duo of Ross and Rocky Lynch showcase exactly why they believe music can’t be forced. Consisting of songs written between 2016 and early 2021, the album reflects their personal journey over the last few years and their development into experienced songwriters. This is something that went into the album’s layout, which was designed to flow like a playlist, offering fans a relatable journey to reflect the musicians. ‘Leave Me Feeling Confident’ stands as the oldest single on the album and features a horn part from R5 drummer Ellington Ratliff. The single also showcases The Driver Era’s vast alt-rock sound, with an endearing soulful groove leading the harmony, making for a truly heartfelt vocal performance.

Originally scheduled to embark on a world tour in April 2020, which the pandemic inevitably caused delays to, the band are now set to finally grace the stage again, playing 45 shows across three months worldwide, starting on November 15th. Ranging from the US, across Europe, and then finally ending in South America, fans will have endless opportunities to catch their latest material live. – You can be the first to watch the live performance for ‘Leave Me Feeling Confident’ below, along with a brief conversation with Ross about the albums creative process, their latest visuals, as well as what their fans can expect when they finally see them perform on tour again.

Hey Ross! Today you're premiering The Driver Era's live performance video for the single 'Leave Me Feeling Confident'. What's the visual story behind it?

We really wanted to give our fans some live content to enjoy. We've always been a big touring band and since covid we haven't been able to play live, obviously… So, this video is mostly for our hardcores that we haven't been able to see for a while, and of course anyone else who enjoys it!

What was the inspiration behind your long-awaited album 'Girlfriend'?

We mostly write about what's currently happening in our lives. So, most of these songs come from recent experiences. And we're pretty happy guys so ultimately, we'd like to write songs that make you feel good!

When you spoke to Clash last year, you said that the right time hadn't quite arrived yet for a follow up album to 2019's 'X'. What has changed since then to spur you on with this release?

Inspiration came. We must have talked to you last while in lockdown. For some reason there wasn't much inspiration to pull from at that time. So we focused on introspection mostly. But since then things started heating up and we found ourselves drawn to the studio. You can't force music or else it'll be shit.

In the coming months you're set to tour 'Girlfriend' across the world. How surreal is that after the last 18 months? Is there anything in particular you've missed about the touring experience?

Yeah, it's pretty nuts… We're really excited. It's all happening so fast now. A part of us feels like it's been forever and like it was yesterday at the same time. We always look forward to traveling and playing music live. It's a dream. I'm ready to get this dust off!

What can your fans expect, given many wouldn't have seen you play live for almost two years?

Expect lots of energy! Wear sneakers for sure cause we'll be dancing! Lots of new songs and hopefully some old songs, maybe even old old songs you never know… It'll be lots of fun. Maybe even the time of your life!

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'Girlfriend' is out on October 15th.

Words: Jake Wright

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