It's a super playlist from the Icelandic duo...

Warmland is a project that hinges on friendship.

Two Icelandic musicians who have allowed their imaginations to become intertwined, the pair have sculpted a heady, majestic debut album, one that fuses psych-pop songwriting with layers of synthetic sound.

Electronic in tone and dreamy in nature, Warmland's music bowls over all in its path, with the Icelandic group setting their sights on key Dutch showcase Eurosonic later this month.

A huge labyrinth of new music, Eurosonic is set to welcome Warmland, with the Icelandic project hitting the streets of Groningen.

That's not all, though - the band formed one part of a six-strong Icelandic line up flying to the Netherlands, with a 50/50 gender split.

Eurosonic will prepare itself for performances by JFDR, Cell7, President Bongo, Gabríel Ólafs, and Sólveig Matthildur.

Ahead of this, Warmland's Arnar and Hrafn compiled a refreshing playlist of synth pop winter classics especially for you...

Desire - 'Don't Call'

"Italo disco supertrack, masterclass in pads and melancholy."

Chromatics - 'Hands In The Dark'

"Lazy vocals and creamy synths, it's great to drive to."

Jan Hammer - 'Crockett's Theme'

"Makes you want to buy a yacht and sail to Miami."

ANOHNI - 'Crisis'

"The whole album's [Hopelessness] sparkling electro-pop is a stark contrast to the lyrics, super-pop with bite."

Grimes - 'Genesis'

"Infections synth bass arpeggio topped up with a oriental harp of some kind, haunting vocals."

Air - 'Mer du Japon'

“Piano arpeggios and velvet synths. Masters in blending together acoustic instruments and the synthesisers...”

LCD Soundsystem - 'Mer du Japon'

“Instant classic. Always an inspiration. Makes you want to plug in a synth and start creating.”

M83 - 'We Own The Sky'

“M83 somehow make the synths sound bigger than everyone else.”

Robyn - 'Missing U'

“Swedish pop music? Why is it so good? Hard not to move your body when this song starts.”

Electric Youth - 'A Real Hero'

“The only way to close this playlist. Stinging synth bass, silky synth pads, sweet and airy vocals is all you need to make a perfect track like this...”

- - -

Warmland's debut album 'Unison Love' is out now. Eurosonic runs between January 15th - 17th.

Photo Credit: Jeaneen Lund

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