Virtual Stardom: Piercing Sagun's Potent Anonymity

Virtual Stardom: Piercing Sagun's Potent Anonymity

"It’s the process of completing a piece of music, creating something from nothing..."

In February 2019, Nepalese producer Sagun left his home country for the first time to travel to London to record music and collaborate with other musicians. Having fallen completely in love with music after being inspired by American rapper and producer J. Cole , Sagun spent his vacation from school teaching himself how to use digital audio software Fruity Loops. He began anonymously uploading his music to streaming services, and there’s been no looking back since.

From making music in his bedroom to spending two weeks in London making music in a studio for the first time, Sagun’s journey has been of dreams. With new EP ‘Feathers’ now out via London based artist services company Platoon, the young musician is only getting better at his craft.

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Speaking about the recording process of the EP and the message behind the lead single ‘it’s too late to keep it together’, he says: “I was totally unaware about what I was being called to London for. I went there, and started making music, we never thought it was going to be an EP. But it just happened naturally.”

“While working on the lead single, we found the music making us feel loneliness. It’s about that loneliness that everyone feels and I hope this song helps people get through such moments.”

On his personal favourite track, he adds: “The track ‘I Miss The Old You’ is my favourite. It was made very quickly maybe in an hour or two, and it’s really simple but I love it and think it’s the best of the lot.” 

This love for simplicity is also the reason he has remained anonymous thus far. Explaining the decision to keep himself out of the limelight, he says: “In the virtual world with my music I want to be known but in the real world, I just want to be able to walk the streets and not have people know me.”

By keeping his anonymity, Sagun has been able to focus on his love of music. Delving deeper into his career thus far from his sound to the message of his music, he says: “People describe my current sound as lo-fi. But I’ve never sought to define my genre, I want to try everything I love.”

“I also want that to be the message people take away from my music – don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love. If you want to do something, just go for it. Don’t listen to anyone else, don’t lose yourself to the opinions of others.”

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Even when frustrated by the occasional lack of connection from fans with his music, Sagun continues lives by this mantra of self-gratification. He explains: “I make music for myself... if I like it, then I put it out.”

“The opinions of other people matter but at the end of the day what makes me happy about making music isn’t what people have to say, it’s the process of completing a piece of music, creating something from nothing... that’s important to me. I love my own music because it’s made for me first and foremost.”

In spite of focusing on his own satisfaction before anything else when it comes to producing music, Sagun reveals that the best part of his career is neither the attention he’s gotten from the music world nor the chance he had to spend two weeks meeting and making new music with supportive artists. The best part is knowing he’s helping someone out there with his own passion.

He explains: “I’ve gotten messages in the past from people saying I’ve saved their life! I don’t know if that’s actually true but that feeling of knowing that people are relating to my music and knowing I’ve helped people with my music is the best thing to have happened to me so far.”

From getting his passport made to travelling to London, Sagun admits he wasn’t expecting much but now that the ball is rolling, he is confidently ambitious in his pursuits. Speaking of the big dreams he has for the future, he lists off: “I want to make a rap album with every big-name artist out there! I want to do that really badly; I’m already working on it a little bit. Travelling-wise next destination in mind is New York. I also want to go to L.A.”

Stating ambitions as huge as these with confidence, there is a sense of awe-inspiring self-assuredness radiating from the rising star alongside his humble expression of gratitude towards those who allowed him the chance to pursue his dreams.

By his own admission, this is one of Sagun’s first ever interviews, but he’s a natural who never seems to miss a beat. And that might be because, he has a goal that’s very clear - “I just want to do more and grab any opportunities that come my way”- and his talent combined with his willingness to work hard means that there’s probably many such opportunities in the horizon.

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Words: Malvika Padin

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