Viral Situation: The Rise Of SamRecks

Crafting music that stays in your head...

There are not many who are making music and viral moments in the UK like SamRecks at the moment. The calm and collected artist has been releasing singles for a few years now. Each with its own style and variation, SamRecks creates music with whitty lines, memorable hooks, and all whilst remaining composed on the mic. His recent release ‘Would You Let Me’ gained popularity over TikTok, where Sam has been creating bright and fun videos. 

SamRecks is one to watch in 2023, Clash spoke with him over the phone to find out why. 

When did you start making music? 

I dropped my first song in year 7, around the age of 12. But I was making music before that. I was recording a lot of songs on my webcam because I didn’t have a studio. So I didn’t have a studio to record and record on a webcam. But then I got into a studio at 12, recorded a song then saved up money to drop a music video to go with it. 

Have you ever looked back on the songs? 

Yeah, mad cringey! I got the song deleted from Youtube. But since then I’ve kept it going. Just studio most days now. 

How a lot of people have found you through TikTok. The way you create content for a song release is really smart, and the content you make. 

I literally stacked up around 30 videos for the song ‘Would You Let Me’. Then just dropped the videos every two to three days. Then if I went out with friends, I would make sure to just get some video content and use the track in the background. I just wanted to do something that was a bit different. Vibrant colours, eye-catching videos would push the songs in a different way. 

There are some artists who are scared or who don’t know what to do on the platform. 

Yeah, if you’re having fun making a TikTok. It encourages other people to make videos with it too. That’s what I was trying to get people to do. Also, the more people see the videos, the more likely the songs stay in their head.

It seems like you have a lot of fun making this type of music, from what you can see. 

Yeah for sure, I try to bring in a lot of elements. I’m not just a rapper, there’s the production side as well, and I add in the voices and change in the pitching rather than using a sample. So even just those elements bring a lot of fun to the studio. 

With every release, it seems you’re pushing the boundary to see what you can do.

Yeah literally, I’m always trying different things. Even with the new music, there are a lot of things in there that people wouldn’t expect me to do, but I’m trying it. I might end up making four songs with one idea I want to implement. I record a lot of music, been in the studio nearly most days this year. I’m staking up a load of songs, but I take my time with them because I’m never content with the first draft of a song. 

What have you got coming out soon?

I’m still trying to break boundaries with my sound and develop it. My project coming out next year has a lot of meaning behind it. 

Words: Joe Hale // @joesquestions

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