PLTFRM: Finn Foxell

VERO Amplify: Finn Foxell

The West London rapper performs exclusively for Clash...

CLASH continues its collaboration with VERO True Social spotlighting talent via their VERO Amplify series, offering insight into the creative forces driving the next wave of homegrown performers.

Now, we head over to Shepherd’s Bush to spotlight punk-poet Finn Foxell.

Finn was raised on a broad spectrum of influences, from the alternative rock his parents were immersed in, to old skool rap and grime inherited from his brother’s involvement in the scene. He embraces generational crossovers in his music, striking a balance between established and contemporary influences – his potent storytelling inspired by the mundanity of commutes between menial jobs. 

Across multiple projects, his sound took cues from London’s underground hip-hop scene. A focal part of DIY collective Elevation Meditation, alongside p-rallel, Lord Apex, Xav and Louis Culture, this hub was born from a shared desire to co-exist and create together as independent musicians without the support of big label backing. 

2022 marked a period of rebirth for Finn Foxell. Galvanised by his time performing on the road, he transitioned from a muted, lo-fi realm to stadium-sized anthemics; the singles ‘What’s Your Poison’ and ‘Leaders’ urged the crowds to use its nostalgic hooks as a form of escapism, the latter a pointed diatribe against the establishment and their misuse of power. 

New single ‘Red & Blue, sees Finn reconcile his artful rap with a guitar-led sound, baring a softer more romantic side, merging late-night introspection with an abrasive, punk-infused edge. 

With a project incoming, expect Finn to continue pushing against the barometers of established convention.

As part of VERO Amplify’s get-to-know Deep Dives 5 interview, Finn reveals the wider culture that’s inspired him. 

Finn also performs signature song ‘Be Me’, filmed exclusively at the Clash Studio.

Words: Ana Lamond

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