Issue 46/February 2010

Featured in this issue…

Vampire Weekend Back, brave and bloodthirsty!

As one of the best loved bands of 2008, Vampire Weekend set a benchmark with a stunning debut album. Now, back with the follow-up they hope will similarly impress, the band tell Clash exactly how success has afforded them to expand their worldly vision.

Ones To Watch 2010 These may well be your future favourites!

We polish off our crystal balls and reveal the score of artists we think are going to emerge as champions this year.

Four Tet We talk bliss, Ibiza and Burial.

Kieran Hebden's back with his most dance drenched album yet.

Final Fantasy Owen Pallett strikes out on his own.

The orchestral indie midwife delivers 'Heartland'.

Martyn Neo house anyone?

Dance music’s most charming chameleon delves into the grey area between genres.

Hard Wax 20 Can a record shop shape the sound of a continent?

Hard Wax grant us an audience to their subtle war in rhythm and sounds.

The Hot Rats The latest Supergrass side-project revealed!

Gaz and Danny shares their favourite covers as The Hot Rats.

Album Spotlight

Bob Dylan 'Blood On The Tracks'

"Blood...' benefits from its flaws as much as its strengths, and is a 'complete' album in the way that 'Highway 61 Revisited', 'The Freewheelin...' and even 'Blonde On Blonde' are not.

Personality Clash

Portishead's Geoff Barrow Vs Silver Apples' Simeon Cox III

The New Yorkian and the Bristolian linked up for a decidedly geeky natter about oscillators, Hendrix and er, oscillators...

  • Write On Matthew Herbert's personal address to 2010.
  • Rock and Rules Alice In Chains share their gleaned wisdom.
  • Royal Academy Reviews Alex Hills gets to grip with cartography.
  • Local Heroes There are 2manyDJs in Ghent.
  • Stalker 12 things you never knew about Nick Cave.
  • Polls Apart Solo careers. Good and bad. Oh so very bad.
Album Reviews
  • Vampire Weekend
  • First Aid Kit
  • Adam Green
  • Fool's Gold
  • Good Shoes
  • Four Tet
  • Jaga Jazzist
  • Beach House
  • Danny And The Champions Of The World
  • Delphic
  • Eels
  • Tindersticks

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