Sharing our first impressions of the U:Music hub...
U Music image

I've just been to visit the U:Music studio, a rather imposing building on Shacklewell Lane in Dalston. On every one of the four flights of stairs up to the U:Music floor of this massive warehouse there are small, carefully crafted Diesel idents encouraging you to "feel the burn" and, finally, "phew" as you reach the doors.

Inside it's a hive of very busy people: busy lining up the U:Music:Radio schedule, busy cueing the shows for broadcast and even busily rolling cigarettes. It's non-stop. I ask if things can get quite close to the wire, which is met by knowing laughter. "All they time," is the unilateral response, though they seem to like it that way - it helps give the station its energy.

What also helps, I'm told, is having a staff of producers who are so into a) music and b) the concept of internet radio. Most of them are happy to take a busy five minutes to, very succinctly, though persuasively, sum up the appeal of internet radio. They're likely to be sharing some of their thoughts themselves in blogs to come.

Clash will be spending more time in U:Music:Radio HQ in the weeks to come - partly because we have to, but mostly because it's quite nice. Spend your days sitting in a comfy chair blogging about kick ass radio shows? Why, I'd love to! You should have asked sooner.


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