Ahead of Record Store Day...

Despite time's eroding effects, for the discerning music fans vinyl remains one of life's real thrills.

Searching for the right record, holding it in your hands, taking it to the corner and then playing it at home... these are the simple thrills which bond us all.

Ultraista know exactly what we're on about. The trio - Laura Bettinson, Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker - are gearing up for a Record Store Day release, featuring two very special remixes.

Stripped from their debut album, 'Smalltalk' is a wonderfully fluid piece of songwriting, all shallow troughs and gentle peaks.

Handing the stems of album cut 'Static Light' over to Matthew Herbert, the groundbreaking producer has remixed the track into something which writhes and seethes with a rare sense of imagination. On the flip, Zero 7 re-work 'Our Song' into something chilled out.

Available to buy from tomorrow (April 20th) the trio have decided to toast its entrance into the world with a special playlist for ClashMusic - purely limited to tracks they own on vinyl.

- - -

Nathan Fake - Iceni Strings
Love everything on this most recent album of his but this track might be a nice way to ease everyone in.

Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (Feadz + Kito remix)
The original is great but this is much more upbeat for a house party. Bouncy.

Autechre - Confield
Sounds mental on vinyl. Always loved these guys on vinyl especially. For an angular party. Definitely not background music. Something to stimulate conversation over hors d'oeuvres.

Aphex Twin - Window Licker
Because Nigel's 12" single sounds like it's on crack for some reason. If you feel like challenging your party goers stick this on...or if its late and you want everyone to go home.

Prince - The Black Album
Was never released - hence the only copy in the collection is a bootleg vinyl. There was an obsession with this record at the time because it was so hard to get hold of. Now it feels like a great piece of PR, a pre internet viral campaign. There used to be a lot of bootleg vinyl knocking around, rarities, unreleased stuff etc. These days it would just be stuck up on YouTube. (funnily enough we couldn't find it on YouTube - Clash)

Prince Buster - Al Capone
Sounds great on vinyl. No digits here. Nigel picked this up as a kid when he was working next to a record stall in Camden market. One of his most prized possessions. B-side was 'One Step Beyond' as famously covered by... Madness.

T2 - Heartbroken
Needs no introduction. Massive 90s garage track. Girls of a certain age lose their shit to this tune.

- - -

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