Turin Brakes Review The Singles

"Where is the song?"

Turin Brakes are true craftsmen.

The group's catalogue is littered with gems, presenting that West Coast influenced sound filtered through a deeply British viewpoint.

New album 'Lost Property' arrives on January 29th via Cooking Vinyl, and it's a rich, timeless document. Working at Rockfields studio in Wales alongside Ali Stanton, 'Lost Property' has a fresh sound but bears all the hallmarks of their decade-long career.

Just the right people to grab hold of the Clash Singles Column, then.

– – –

The Gromble – 'Real Sympathy'

Rob Allum: I like this track. It reminds me of Owl City crossed with New Radicals. Like an indie guy going total pop… I don't know what a Gromble is but it must mean something to someone!
Olly Knights: I dig it in a slightly throw away sense, I'm not sure I will care about it in five minutes time but that says more about me than this song, hahaha! It has energy and fun electro indie production which moves along and keeps you on your toes.

– – –

Hurts – 'Wings'

R: Sadly, these are the kinda guys that make me feel like they could benefit from a good slap.. song has all the current cliches and the vid makes me despise them further. However, the keyboard player has a very nice silver bracelet I have my eye on..
O: I've managed to go a long while without actually experiencing Hurts, one of them looks like Luke Goss during the Bros era. This song contains the big crowd sing along chorus currently employed by anyone who wants some radio play but it leaves me falling into a vacuum of despair as it's wafer thin intentions crush my soul.

– – –

Machel Montano & Sean Paul – 'One Wine'

R: I'm quite fond of this tune.. I love the breakdown in the middle that reminds me of what I think they used to call Ragga? I will definitely be jigging around my hotel room to this one when we are on tour… I think I also like this one because I often stop at just one wine myself these days… preferably with a nice piece of cheese.
O: The most interesting thing to me is the featuring Major Lazer bit of this song, that Diplo chap has a special energy that he always seems to secrete into whatever he touches. It's the kind of track that makes sense when your staggering around "Da club" or hitting the weights in the Gym, neither of which I do.

– – –

Andy Shauf – 'Jenny Come Home'

R: At first I thought I liked this, then I was not too sure.. now I am sure, yes I like it. It makes me feel like having a Margarita and a little dance under some coloured lights in some kind of warm climate. Lovely horns on this and a great soft texture… like an updated Chris Montez.
O: Thank Christ I was losing my will to carry on until this. It seems genuine, un-hyped and home made. A beautiful breezy easy melody with lovely quirky warm production, so simple, when it works it works.

– – –

Tom Jones – 'Take My Love (I Want To Give It)'

R: Firstly I'd like to say that I like Tom Jones, have always liked Tom Jones and think he is one of the iconic British voices that have deservedly achieved worldwide fame. However, I'm fed up with his obsession with 'the blues'! I don't want to hear any more three chord blues unless it was recorded before 1970. The last chord was the only thing on this record that surprised me at all. Scant reward.
O: Produced by Ethan Johns – The Diplo of 'Oh Naturelle' production – he re-frames Tom setting up a wild band in a room and pressing record on his analogue tape machine, the result is far better for it. Unfortunately, it's still just Tom Jones doing the blues, though.

– – –

The Weeknd – 'In The Night'

R: This reminds me of Whacko Jacko. So therefore I like it. It's not got quite as nice an arrangement as Quincy Jones would have given it, and maybe as a song it's not quite up to the 'King Of Pop's standards but it still makes me want to break out the Paco Rabanne and pull my white jacket sleeves up (in the best possible way).
O: Hmm where's the song? I can't stick with it, nope, nope I've gone… Oh wait I'm back now. I can't help thinking if this was sung by Maroon five we'd all be laughing. It's alright but is this guy really the new savior of pop? Where is the song?

– – –

Joel Wells – 'Fictionalise'

R: Thought this was a John Carpenter soundtrack when it started but it soon develops into a track that could be from a Japan album circa 1981. I used to love David Sylvian's voice. Maybe we could form a new band called Carpenter, Sylvian & Wells. Wells could perhaps make the tea…
O: I thought this was Mark Hollis at first! Its interesting in a count my references kinda way but it doesn't quite make it past the sum of it's parts. I'm sure some folks will love it but it just makes me realize how small the target is for my personal music taste, which isn't any of these artists fault *puts on Talk Talk album for millionth time*.

– – –

Turin Brakes are set to release 'Lost Property' on January 29th.

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