My Blood
Hey Sholay

The perfect pop song is a bit like the Holy Grail – deep down we all know it doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t stop countless voyagers attempting to find its location.

Mark Sheffield’s own Hey Sholay down amongst the true believes, then. A largely self-propelled, independent phenomenon the band seems to cough up slices of golden melody which last no longer than three minutes.

It’s like an Elephant 6 production, exported to the Steel City. It’s like the finest moments of The Bees, who – despite never being burdened as a critic’s band – have themselves written some of the most perfect pop songs imaginable.

Debut album ‘((0))’ was soft launched over the summer, with a deluxe version set to be released on Fierce Panda this November. New single ‘My Blood’ is a sign of what to expect: flecks of psychedelia, chugging bass and a chorus which swoops and swoons, born Icarus like on the power of its own wings.

Hey Sholay have pressed ‘My Blood’ onto used X-ray acetate for the single release, which is available to order now via the band’s website.

For now, enjoy the video for ‘My Blood’ as a Clash premiere.

Photo Credit: Daniel Rose Design

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