Baltimore group describe 'The Dongo Durango'

Baltimore has a reputation for producing difficult-sounding music, for bands that veer on the artful edge.

Sun Club certainly have their fair share of rhythmic ticks and percussive about-turns, of gonzoid vocals and searing colour, but there's also a delirious sense of fun that surrounds this band.

Debut album 'The Dongo Durango' is out now, and it follows some enthralling, sweat-laden and occasionally dangerous live shows.

Clash is able to host a full stream of the record, playing alongside animation from Baltimore illustrator Laurent Hrybyk. In addition to this, you can find a full track by track guide to 'The Dongo Durango' penned by Sun Club's Adam and Devin.

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Summer Feet
Fast and lubricated, we wanted to speed/spice things up. Summer feet is when your feet get all calloused up because you don’t wear shoes during the summer. We always had such calloused feet because we walked to the water all the time shoeless. Also this song makes Devin really tired. We wrote it when we first started touring a whole lot, so its like kind of about that, but more just like the feeling of like warm goodness.

Worm City
It’s fun to play in the dirt! Never not fun to find and play with bugs. Worms are people too. Also this song was written when we wanted to make a hip-hop song with like a heavy beat.

Carnival Dough
This is like one our favourite songs on the album, for real! We actually haven't been able to play it live in a while because its not as epic. Its a mellower song that we made that reminds us of being at a carnival at night in like spring time. We shall play it live very soon.

Beauty Meat
This was like the first song we wrote as Sun Club. When Adam joined we really became this band. This song is super old. It is like how in late august it really sucks between like summer and fall.

Language Juice
Also an older song we wrote a while ago. We recorded this and Beauty Meat in our basement many years ago. We really like the bridge and also the intro we just like to scream it up. We then put out a seven inch and we still have dozens of them.

The Dongo Durango Many months of planning went into the creation of this song. Many different writers and guest vocalists. Its about a small dog named pepita who we think may be dying slowly.

Cheeba Swiftkick
When we started recording the album we wanted to record this song first. We made a video to this song a while back and it was negative five outside while filming, good cool memories though. Its like an easier song to play, but it took over twenty takes to get it right when we recorded part of the album in a cold warehouse.

Puppy Gumgum
We come up with the names of our songs separate from the content of the song. We had a couple of songs without names and we were hanging out and came up with this, and were like yeah thats a dope name. This song was one of the last ones we wrote before the album. There's pieces of other songs we stopped playing that make up.

Dress Like Mothers
We have a lot of musically talented friends who helped record the strings in this song. The end of the song the strings really go cray-cray. Live this song is really fun to play because the second half is fun to go crazy during.

Tropicoller Lease
This is the banger! We wrote some of these parts like a while ago and the bridge is percussive and fun to dance. We really had fun with the music video for this. Adam really bucked up his legs running into that table. Also had a lot of friends help sing on it, along with all the songs.

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'The Dongo Durango' is out now.

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