Exploring their rich, collaboration-heavy new tape...

S4U are club kids who use underground culture as their inspiration.

As personal as their material gets - and it often gets very personal indeed - Prinz George and Rosita Bonita are forever linked to the culture that surrounds them.

New mixtape 'Heart2Say' is emblematic of this symbiotic relationship; containing a flurry of club tropes, everything from techno to hip-hop, UKG, and dub are referenced amid some beautiful songwriting moments.

Out now, it's perhaps their most overtly personal statement to date, and yet it's also their most musical, uniting S4U with a raft of close friends, and collaborators.

Here, the duo break down the tape piece by piece, track by track...

- - -

The Beginning ft. K15, Line, and Kelvyn Colt
PG: This kicked off the start of the writing process for the mixtape, translating it from the short film concept and into musical form. A chilled sunday evening, Kelvyn and Line were recorded in the dry room with Rosita whilst I finished the track with K-15.

No Ego
PG:This one has had quite a few iterations and was one of the first songs we ever made together which made it all the more special to include on the mixtape. Finally finished towards the tail end of last year with Fatima coming through and blessing us with backing vocals.

RB: We had this sandy vision of Q-Tip and Janet Jackson's 'Got Til It’s Gone' video in our minds, it is a groove and when we had Fatima come jam she fucked with it, making a bouncy bodied bump.

Smile ft. Kelvyn Colt
PG: This was a mainstay in our early live shows in it’s simplest form. We ended up having a session with Blue Daisy who basically arranged it into what it is now, a more immediate and direct version of events with Kelvyn coming through to one of the last sessions we had for 2017.

Interlude 1 ft KEYAH/BLU, LINX
PG: I remember making this beat on a flight to Ibiza actually, trying to tune the kick to the bass on some awful over bassy headphones. It got added to the mixtape pool and was later rearranged by Rosita and blessed by our good friends KEYAH/BLU and Linx Reading from the 'Heart 2 Say' script.

RB: When recording the tape I had written a script, then experimented with incredible artists and friends improvised and directed readings from several different extracts. For this one I had made another late night oozey tune with the background vocals you can hear, then mixed Keyah and Linx’s bits together making was like a beautiful puzzle.

It's a first and extraordinary life giving experience hearing others deliver your ideas and take them to another level entirely. This is a section I particularly enjoy because it outlines the romance element and a nurturing parental poetry.

PG: I started this track in the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam after a particularly hazy weekend of techno and edibles. In an effort to try and capture how bubbly and optimistic i was feeling at the time before I had to check out. As with most of our tracks this one also went through a few iterations before reaching the final mixtape version of it.

Beauty ft 808ink
808 INK family came down to Lily’s studio, sidenote there is a neon heart clock in there which was at the centre of our studio universe I think this definitely had a subconscious inspiration, anyway we love working with the guys there so talented and exciting bubbly characters to be around, we had met a few times and worked before together so it was a very fluid and comfortable creating process

. Plenty of weed, and a high mind set, I want to feel naturally beautiful and everyone should. Its about appreciating and loving inside. I have a deep love for relationships that are beyond physical.

Interlude 2 ft Jacob Samuels 

PG: We’ve been loving Jacob's stuff for a while now through his solo work and work with Klein. He passed through the studio and gave us a masterclass in live loop pedal ambient soundscapes over which he recited the ‘security of clinging’ passage from the script.

Although minimal this track also went through multiple iterations before we settled on the final version, at one point it was going to be a gothic gospel symphonic refrain but we toned it down a bit.

RB: Garage vibes, UK, Journeying, Chops, Panic, Jealousy. I was inspired by traveling through the mind of jealousy, like the panic of being in hazy India, wind flowing in my hair on a bike! Exploring the earth/ones heart with a a trusting manner.

Refrain ft JD Reid
RB: I wanted to release about power struggles and the vulnerability of being a trophy partner, not discovering reasons as to why someone can leach and becomes trapped in the game that relationships can turn into. It also was heightened by JD who is a great inspiration and dear friend.

The OG dubstep vibe that I love was brought back with shitload of knocking off reverb on the snares, a nod to Dub and a nod to the Dubbists.

Untitled ft Denzel Himself
One for those of us who BANG and HANG! An empowering song after a regrettable soiree, Rosita trying to empower herself and battling against being fucked over, and her love for bad asses.

Beauty Pt. 2 ft JESHI, ELDON, CKTRL, ZEM
RB: Vocally directing all of these beautiful voices was so luxurious to my soul. Including the same feelings as hearing them reading not only that but JESHI wrote this verse inspired after reading the poem at the end of the track, I really love working with him he pushed it to another realm by his visual vocabulary.

I mixed the vocals on this evening when the artists were there and we all were just taken off to another planet playing it over and over a true bliss, and the Pt. 2 shows another side to the beauty of hearing a man airing his depth, and not being wary of being deep.

RB: Another chilled Sunday session birthed this number - so many friends and great minds in one room and on one track. I guess you could call this the mixtape posse cut - this is one of those tracks that didn't require much work after the session. Everyone’s performance was so on point. It was also great to get our friends and forever collaborators Zem on there providing some haunting ethereal tones.

My space my zone, we wanted to make something inspired by Theo Parrish, so we produced this percussive rhythmic track. Really felt embracing of a climax when writing it because I felt lost for a while without having the comfort of actually understanding and embracing my own space and being alone.

Essentially the only relationship you can hold forever is with yourself so putting that at the end of the tape was a way of explaining the journey and almost reaching peace and knowingness.

- - -

'Heart 2 Say' is out now.

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