Roo Panes
A rather gorgeous Summer affair...

Roo Panes returns with third album 'Quiet Man' released today and it's a rather balmy, gorgeous summer affair.

Emanating the tenderest affection - love of self and the nurturing of others, set alongside the accompaniment of lightly finger-plucked acoustic, sweet piano and golden harmonies

Out now, it's makes for a remarkably soothing listed, truly a brilliant example of a true homegrown talent finding their stride, here in his own words Roo breaks down the album for Clash track by track.

- - -

"And the sweetest part of the day 
Is when you stay a little longer than you say 
And linger on in evening's way."

- - -


'A Message To Myself'

This is about the clash of solitude and society. Sometimes you just need to hear clearly amongst all the voices in life. It’s all about the quest of searching for the right voice. I wrote it at the beginning of the writing process and so thought it was a fitting opener for the album.

'My Sweet Refuge''

This song was another song I did with Bassi Fox (from Mt. Wolf), like the above, which was so fun. This was such a textural adventure for me. I loved discovering bass clarinet and the slightly darker textures which make up this song. It’s kind of like a psalm I guess. And making the video for this was awesome too. I think this was in some distant way jazz inspired.

'Sketches Of Summer'

This is maybe my fave from the album, just because of the process of making it. Something nice happened when we recorded this song. It kind of created itself and sounded more like I wanted it to than I had first realised or aimed for it to be. It’s a song that is trying to sum up the feeling of summer, and memories I have of it. Don’t want to ruin the mystery so will leave it there.


This song is all about the beauty in people who have forgotten that. It’s about the figure of tragedy and speaking hope to them. Ophelia was a face of tragedy in Shakespeare. 'A Year In A Garden'  I spent a year out. And in this time I wrote the songs for this album. The garden in this song is really the heart, it’s a metaphor, but slightly grounded in the reflection of the year I had, spent in the countryside and enjoying the world around me. 'My Narrow Road' This is all about the way people work and the journey of relationship. It’s a beautiful but tough road to love someone other than yourself. 

'A Gift To You'

This is a song of gratitude. I just realised something I was very thankful for and wanted to sing about it.


This is all about growing up. And about finding the strength to laugh in the face of trouble, Sticking to your guns and knowing who you are.

'Quiet Man'

This song is all about contentment, peace, Quiet, grace. I wrote this lying on my back by a river. I dunno, that seems relevant to say! It’s a very natural track, wrote itself, and felt from the very first moment I wrote it like the title track. 


This is a song I wrote after an experience with a Charity in the Dominican Republic. It’s about overcoming. Its also putting a spin on the idea of strength. It’s championing innocence and recognising that as a brave thing. 

'Peace Be With You'

This is about forgiveness really. And digging deeper into what that is. I wanted to end with this because it is something I wish for more of, and is a parting sentiment. 

- - -

Watch the videos for 'My Sweet Refuge' and 'My Narrow Road' below:

Stream the full album now over on Spotify.


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