How alt-R&B and Elliott Smith fuelled her superb new album...

There's something about Denai Moore.

The softness of touch in her voice is devastating, with the alt-R&B artist able to command powerful emotions with just the twist of her voice.

Her songwriting, too, often inspires; resolutely personal, each lyric seems to come directly from the heart.

New album 'We Used To Bloom' will be released on June 16th, and it's a wonderful return, matching rich musicality to a varied palette that veers from Frank Ocean to Bon Iver and back again.

Clash invited Denai Moore to break down her new album - check it out below.

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'Let It Happen'
'Let It Happen' is a celebration of self-love, and how challenging that journey can be. I used to search for validation and self worth in other people . I think what this song is really saying is that you have to belong to yourself before you belong to anyone else. That really helped me to understand what self-love really means.

'Desolately Devoted'
This one is about the force of love and how transformative it is. I think I’ve always been a dismissive person in order to stop the idea that I could get hurt by someone else. This song is about that uncontrollable feeling you control when it finds you, and really never lets go.

'Trickle' is a song about anxiety as well as the bad habits that I developed because of it. I developed a habit of cancelling all of my plans and really isolating myself from everything. I almost didn’t want to finish writing this song and it took me quite a while to finish the lyrics in general.

I really connect with Elliot Smith and the sheer honesty and emotion that lives in his words/spirit. This is one of my favourite songs of all time, and I just decided to record it in the studio, it wasn’t planned at all.

'Do They Care?'
'Do They Care?' is a song I wrote about me living with all the injustices happening in the world. In 2015 I found it unbearable and I was very fidgety because it was almost like you’d wake up to death being present. Then you’d carry this information and not necessarily understand how to process it. I think in the reality of it all is that we all want the same things for each other.

'Leave It Up To You'
'Leave It Up To You' is about when there is friction in a relationship that is never really addressed but you really feel it. I’ve always been afraid of confrontation and what would happen as the result of it, this song is really about a bad habit of mine.

'Bring You Shame'
This song is really about the conflict I have sometimes with being human and getting so lost in all my needs which in the grand scheme of things don’t necessarily matter. For a long period of time I struggled with the idea if I was doing enough, it’s so easy to be hard on yourself, it’s easier to be hard on yourself.

'Does It Get Easier?'
This song was another self-reflective song. It’s about how you have to keep peace with the not-knowing element of life and not worry so much about things that are out of control. A lesson that I’m still learning.

'Poor Person'
'Poor Person' is a song I wrote about an observation about how people are always only concerned with becoming richer financially. Whereas I really believe that there are so many areas in life that we should invest more time into being richer in. I think our souls get richer when we learn, unlearn, practice empathy, travel etc. I think it’s something we are really taught enough about.

'All The Way'
'All The Way' is a song that I really wanted to write because it feels like a deep breath in. I wanted to end the album on an uplifting note, this song offers that!

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'We Used To Bloom' will be released on June 16th.

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