Rising vocalist Saya acts as your guide...

Toronto is one of North America's most vibrant cities.

Different communities criss-cross the Canadian metropolis, each leaving their mark in a musical conversation.

It's all reaching boiling point. Rising talent Saya looks ready to break out, her divine take on alt-R&B occupying a quite singular plain.

Clash invited her to introduce a few Toronto pop talents - Saya was only too happy to oblige...

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Kris’s music is confident and empowering. I like that she’s not afraid to say what she wants.

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Teddy Fantum

Teddy is an amazing songwriter. His newest project ‘Help Me’ captures the human condition and all its darkness.

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Daniel Ceasar

Insanely talented… his voice is beautiful. his music is so raw, the kind that gives you chills when you listen to it.

- - -

Jessie Reyez

Her voice is crazy and I love her video for ‘Gate Keeper’ - respect for that one. It’s great to see a woman from Toronto making waves internationally.

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Derek Wise

I think Derek has a really fresh/unique sound... he just released a new project ‘Inglorious’ and my favourite track on there is ‘Like It’s Love’.

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Roy Woods

‘Jealousy’ is still one of my favourite tracks. His music is passionate and relatable, and his visuals are always really on point.

- - -

Prince Innocence

I love Talvi’s voice who is the lead singer - her voice is haunting. The music is synth based and really lush, and is really really good.

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Catch Saya online HERE.

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