Record Store Day '18
From Miles Davis to The National and beyond...

Record Store Day began as a means to celebrate the importance of independent shops in music culture, a place where fans, artists, and more could converge, talk, and pick up some new releases.

Since then the project has grown immensely, and many detractors claim it further clogs up the already beleaguered vinyl presses.

Returning in April, Record Store Day 2018 unfurled its full list of releases a few hours ago, and no matter what your opinion on the merits of the event there are some pretty fantastic releases on display.

Here's a few choice picks from the catalogue...

- - -

Erased Tapes – 1+1=X

Erased Tapes don’t do things by halves. A label driven by a real perfectionist streak, the imprint’s 10th anniversary year was dominated by wonderful releases, special live shows, and a host of surprises. Record Store Day is in for a treat, with Erased Tapes constructing the ‘1+1=X’ box set featuring brand new recordings from artists across their roster.

A 3-LP selection housed in a stunning sleeve, the tracklist brims with quality: A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Daniel Brandt, Douglas Dare, Rival Consoles, Nils Frahm, and many more all take part. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide, this is less a one-off release and more a keepsake, a time capsule. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

Miles Davis – Rubberband EP
With all this talk of jazz underground a resurgence (here’s a clue: it never went anywhere…) it’s perhaps apt that Record Store Day has bagged a ‘new’ release from one of the genre’s most iconic artists. Miles Davis’ 80s run isn’t exactly his most critically acclaimed, but it does present the trumpeter at his most divisive, and his most forward-searching.

The material on ‘Rubberband’ was shelved in 1986 but has been brought back out of the archives, featuring some brand new vocals from Grammy nominated singer Lidisi. Billed as a return to the raw that dominated Miles’ fusion phase, it goes to show: you never second guess Miles Davis. (As picked by Robin Murray)

- - -

Daughter – Music from Before The Storm

Daughter’s music has often been described as cinematic or picturesque, with the trio able to conjure vivid emotional landscapes with only blurred reverb, sparse percussion, and Elena Tonra’s pleading, evocative vocals.

This recent project found Daughter pushing themselves still further, providing the soundtrack for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. An immersive, narrative-led video game that tackled bullying, suicide, and teen pregnancy, the trio responded with some of their most flexible, unexpected, and engrossing material yet. (As picked by Robin Murray)

- - -

The Durutti Column – Another Setting
The Durutti Column’s beautiful, plaintive 1983 album ‘Another Setting’ gets reissued on vinyl, and it’s the most recent in a long line of rereleases coordinated by Factory Benelux.

Back in 2013 Reilly’s ill health and the subsequent appeal highlighted the stupefying number of artists who feel indebted to his work. Within this, ‘Another Setting’ occupies that space between the introspective guitar-based first albums and the exuberant releases with all their varied instrumentation. It’s paired with live tracks and a ‘rare’ Hoagy Carmichael cover. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

Charlotte Gainsbourg – ‘Remixes’ / Serge Gainsbourg – ‘Le Pacha (OST)’

On the back of last year’s well-received ‘Rest’, Charlotte releases three remixes from that record. The first, by Belgian dance stalwarts Soulwax, was released back in November, but there are two new ones by collaborator SebastiAn and by prolific remixer Alan Braxe, who has worked with Björk, Britney Spears and Beyoncé.

Her dad, meanwhile, features on the re-release of ‘Le Pacha’, the soundtrack to Georges Lautner’s bloody crime flick from 1968. ‘Requiem pour un con’, with its jaunty grooves and Serge’s trademark laconic pissed-guy-in-the-bar vocal, is set alongside two rarities. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

Mac DeMarco – ‘Old Dog Demos’ Mac DeMarco / Shamir – ‘Mac DeMarco and Shamir Cover Beat Happening’
Canadian ‘jizz-jazz’ exponent Mac DeMarco has released demos from all of his albums since break-out ‘2’, and he has teased the demos from 2017’s ‘This Old Dog’ on Instagram live a few times, so it come as no surprise that they’re being released for RSD 2018.

The other release features covers of ramshackle indie favourites Beat Happening with singer Shamir. You wonder how DeMarco’s earthiness will work with Shamir’s theatrics – it could be hit-or-miss, but in a sea of re-releases it is certainly an interesting prospect. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

The Streets – The Streets Remixes & B-sides
This year The Streets are definitively back – Mike Skinner takes his project on tour at the end of April, and that week he’ll release a collection of Remixes by artists such as Zed Bias, BBK member Jammer and Röyksopp.

These were released on CD in 2004 and appear on wax for the first time alongside rarities such as instrumental ‘Streets Score’. Skinner is milking ‘Original Pirate Material’ with this release and tour because, ultimately, it remains a very relevant album, but in the past few months several new songs have surfaced, showing that he is not one to just rest on his laurels. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Ff2
The Japanese legend has been very prolific recently – in 2014 he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and he is definitely making up for lost time. A few soundtracks, 2017’s ‘Async’ and ‘Async remixes’ (by Arca and Oneohtrix Point Never, among others) will be followed by a brand-new 12” next month.

The cover is typically understated and the titles oblique (‘Ff2’) and evocative (‘School in Paris’), but it is sure to be eerie, ethereal and beautiful. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

- - -

Various Artists – Independent Venue Week 18 Live
For the first time in its history, Independent Venue Week press a selection of songs recorded back in January. It features some of the country’s best artist rooted in their local milieux such as Horsey, who supported King Krule last year, Hotel Lux, Honey Hahs and those who have done the circuit a good few times – like Gaz Coombes and Nadine Shah.

Recorded at some very good venues, it gives those who couldn’t get tickets a chance to experience gigs that were no doubt sweaty, compelling affairs. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

Parquet Courts – Mardi Gras Beads
Ahead of the release of their sixth album ‘Wide Awake!’ in May, the American indie favourites give fans one song off that record and one older B-side, ‘Seems Kind Of Silly’.

Frontman A. Savage found success last year with his more laid-back meditations on love, but this is a glimpse of the return to the group dynamic and the wiry urgency and cryptic lyrics that come with it, produced this time by Danger Mouse. (As picked by Wilf Skinner)

- - -

Record Store Day takes place on April 21st.

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