Titus Andronicus

Fire under their asses!

Titus Andronicus are five young men who grew up in idyllic New Jersey surroundings, during which they grew fond of literature by greats such as Shakespeare and Camus, and also very much enjoyed blowing things up with fireworks.

When they open their newly re-mastered debut album, ‘The Airing Of Grievances’, with a gang shout of “Fuck you!” and launch into a barrage of Pogues and Black Flag-inspired unrest, you get the point that all is not well in the minds of the East Coast’s disaffected youth. The doom-drenched themes of their music is explained by their interest in the bard’s partiality to cracking skulls, and it’s only a sense of foreboding in the future that “keeps the fires under their asses lit”.

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