tinyumbrellas Curates Your Sleep Soundtrack

Their music has a somnambulist feel...

If there’s something drowsy about tinyumbrellas music, then perhaps that’s on purpose. The 20-year-old songwriter has a tendency to write late at night, when their mind has ceased wandering for the day.

This somnambulist feel inhabits their work, gifting their bedroom pop constructions a moonshine halo. Out now, new EP ‘Somewhere To Fall Asleep’ finds the Leeds-based, Norfolk-born artist display their truth, gradually realising their ambitions.

Focussing on the new EP, tinyumbrellas dug into their sleep soundtracks – turns out, they’re an aficionado of late night YouTube clips, each one leaving a trace on their work.


For this song I chose a Minecraft soundtrack. I didn’t play much Minecraft as a child but I definitely grew up around it and appreciated its gentleness and creativity as a game.

A little known fact is that the reference to ‘fighting zombies’ in this song is a nod to staying up and playing games with friends, including Minecraft, so I thought this would be fitting.

‘Between The Same Lines’

In the period when ‘Between The Same Lines’ was written, I would spend a lot of time in parks and gardens to relax and be with nature. This song is set in a green, and I chose a rain soundtrack for this song as I feel like I associate rain with English summers.

‘Life Of An Extra’

As ‘Life Of An Extra’ is set in Paris, a French coffee shop ambience would accompany this song perfectly. The song focuses around feeling alone in a world where everyone else is seemingly successful and happy and in love.

I feel like a cafe is the perfect place to people watch while you have a bit of time to yourself with a coffee.

‘Paper Planes’

Paper Planes is about finding joy in mundane places, and the library is a wonderful place to do this, by escaping the real world in stories and books. I read a lot of books when I was younger, so the sound of a library is very reminiscent of how I spent my time!

‘i don’t know’

This song is a big ponder about life and the future. I think the best soundscape to accompany this song is a standard white noise soundtrack, as I have used these a lot when falling asleep myself.

I find they block out just the right amount of thoughts and distraction when I find my mind racing with things I need to do tomorrow, interactions I regret and just general overthinking.

‘A Small Village’

‘A Small Village’ is a song inspired by the moon and Ghibli Films. I’ve chosen this ambient Spirited Away soundtrack as this is one of my favourite Ghibli films (and features in the song).

This song is about feeling comfortable with someone new, which is exactly what happens with Chihiro and Haku in this film, and together they inspire one another to grow as people which is so beautiful.

‘Somewhere To Fall Asleep’ is out now.

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon 

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