Three Trapped Tigers

On the road again...

Imagine the sound of three trapped tigers. Now, imagine those tigers were trapped in a ZX Spectrum, shooting flames out of their eyeballs and riding ketamine surfboards on an electronic tsunami into a bright, wide future full of hope, adventure and sheer, gut punch excitement. Are you interested? Here’s Thomas Rogerson, one third of Three Trapped Tigers, to tell us more.

You’re playing a small UK tour in April. Any particular place or venues you’re looking forward to?
Well, we’ve played a few of them before: the Deaf Institute in Manchester is a great venue. But predictably I guess we’re most excited about the ICA in London: London is home for us, and the ICA is a venerable old venue that’s seen so many famous names pass through there. I probably first heard about it through Throbbing Gristle’s live recordings there from 1976. Those are some good shoes to be filling.

For people that may not be familiar with your live shows, what can they expect from a Three Trapped Tigers gig?
It’s loud and emotional. Don’t expect singalong choruses, or girls with pompoms. Do expect three ordinary blokes playing unnecessarily complicated music.

Since you play everything live, I take it the songs change and evolve from night to night?
Yes they do. The drumming is in places very improvised so that always varies. And there are a few moments of total ‘pure’ improvisation. There’s tons of sonic variety: Matt manages to get different sounds from his guitar every gig, as does Betts with his effects units. And because Matt uses a 101 without presets or memory, we’re never quite sure what sounds he’s going to produce as he’s only got a split second in some cases to change all the settings. I guess most interestingly on this tour we’ll be playing the new songs from ‘EP3’ for the first time so those will definitely be varying from night to night, not always for the best!

What’s the best experience you’ve had so far while on tour?
We’ve had some great opportunities so far, but a highlight would be arriving at a German superclub near the Polish border with the most incredible light and sound rig, and playing first before Apparat and Modeselektor to people who know how electronic music is meant to sound.

…and the worst?
I guess one of the worst was going on to play in Munich with only one person in the audience in a three-hundred capacity venue. The venue wouldn’t let us play a proper set so we played for ten minutes and then I had to accept our fee from the barman who wasn’t getting paid because the venue was losing money on us. But actually, for those ten minutes, it was really fun: having only one fan is quite liberating.

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