“This Project Is My Whole Life!” CHINCHILLA Interviewed

The pop rebel speaks out...

CHINCHILLA is doing it her own way. The devoutly independent pop riser speaks her truth on each release, assisting on every single aspect. Whether it’s the writing, the production, or the visuals, CHINCHILLA allows herself to become absorb in the most minute details of the project.

New EP ‘Flytrap’ is out on June 7th, with a string of singles paving the way. Out now, new single ‘1:5’ was penned alongside Jordan Cosmo Lees, and it’s a dose of alt-pop dynamite.

Stripped back the larger-than-life persona she’s developed, CHINCHILLA dares to let fans ono her world, calling it “the most personal and vulnerable thing I’ve ever put out”. She adds: “My heart bled into it and I just fell in love with the song. It soothes me – music is therapy…”

CLASH caught up with the alt-pop voyager to chat her new EP, her processes, and what comes next.

‘MF DIAMOND’ is your first release of the year, what makes it the best way to open this new chapter?

I wrote it in November with Justin Tranter and Jussi on my first trip to LA, and instantly we all fell in love with it – so I just didn’t want to sit on it! You often end up waiting to release songs for years as an artist and I just wanted to switch it up this time and run with the energy it had in it. I guess it felt like the perfect way to start the year with a bang, so I queue jumped it to the next single…

Did you have a resolution for 2024? Care to share it?

Does anyone ever remember them past January? 🫦

You blend your visual and music identities in a very complex, intimate way – do they both draw from the same well? How intertwined are they? 

One of my favourite things about being an artist is that you have a million jobs in one job, I have always loved fashion and clothes/ costume, I love film and creating other worlds through music videos, I actually get my teeth into the business side of it all too but that’s another thing. I think the music and the visuals always go hand in hand for me – I’ll always have the music video ideas for the song while writing it if I love the song enough. It just unlocks loads of creativity in me and I become obsessed with it all. 

You co-write and co-produce ‘MF DIAMOND’ – you clearly enjoy overseeing the finer details! Is that challenging? When do you know it’s right to finally let go?

I actually can’t put something out there if my hands aren’t dirty in it – overseeing is a huge understatement! Haha. If something doesn’t feel like my baby then I don’t feel very attached to it. I don’t really have a choice but to be really in the mix with everything. I just love it, this project is my whole life, so wouldn’t ever want to not be heavily involved in every part of it. I’m definitely a perfectionist but I know when something is ‘finished’ – it just feels right. 

The video is great, congrats! What made you decide on a heist narrative? Are you a fan of crime films – care to share any inspirations?

I always loved Bugsy Malone it was one of my favourite films that I used to watch on repeat when I was little – iconic?? Just put me in a chic little mafia outfit and let me be one of the bad guys. *plays the song* 

I don’t think that’s what inspired me to do this video haha, I think I just really wanted to do a diamond heist because the song is about being a diamond, and that kind of narrative is in my DNA. Maybe that is from Bugsy Malone… who knows. 

You choose four older women for the leads, why was this? And what were they like to work with?

What was it like on-set? A fun experience!

I wanted to make a video that felt inclusive and empowering without feeling gimmicky. So I landed on the idea of doing a diamond heist with a squad of elderly women. It was a bit of a difficult casting process, which I was heavily involved in of course, and the four women we found in the end were so perfect for it. They are so empowering and gorgeous and intimidating in the best way and the whole shoot was such an incomparable vibe. I just admired them all so much – they were so cool. They are like my friends now, I enjoy chatting away with them, they’re just sick. And they were perfect in the video. So authentically unapologetically themselves.

One of the women, Alex, came up to me at the end and told me it had been so refreshing to be cast in that role because people so often type-cast older women as weak, frail, sweet, vulnerable… she said it was so empowering and fun to do something so different that wasn’t making a joke out of their age or anything, just shining a light on how hot and fierce they all are. Hearing that made me so happy, because that’s literally the whole point. That’s what I do it for. 

What’s next for CHINCHILLA?

I HAVE AN EP COMING OUUUTTTT!!!! ‘FLYTRAP’ is out on the 7th June and I fully cannot contain my excitement for it. It’s been in the works for over a year and I’ve been planning it meticulously since before ‘little girl gone’ came out, which is the first single from the EP which totally changed my life. I’ve got loads of festivals going on this summer too so I just can’t wait to spend the summer touring the EP with my amazing band. Aaggghh I’m so excited.

‘Flytrap’ EP will be released on June 7th.

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