A travelling rock 'n' roll circus...

This Feeling are one of the country’s top promoters, a small team who continually punch well above their weight.

Supporting new talent from the off, This Feeling were one of the first to put their trust in Catfish & The Bottlemen, one of the first to support Blossoms.

So the New Year brings with it plenty of expectations, but also plenty of opportunities.

Returning with their Band Of The Month recommendation, This Feeling introduce the charms of The Shimmer Band...

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Introduce yourselves, Shimmer Band...
Tom Newman - Voices & Melodies
Babsy - Guitars & Atmospherics
Smitty - Tranquilizers & Synthesizers
Willz - Drums & Smoke Rings
Kuras - Bass Guitars & Banana Skins

Describe your sound in five words...

What inspired you to start a band?
We met at school and found we all had a deep expanding amoeba of musical fire that we all wanted to share with the world. We love rock 'n' roll and wanna keep that fire burning bright for as long as possible. We wanna inject a bit of euphoria and revelry into this mundane, politically soaked world.

We're massive fans of Creation Records and basically every band involved with that label. The fuzz-drenched wall of noise of Jesus And Mary Chain...The multicoloured hazy pop of Super Furry Animals...The ever-evolving boundary-less rock n roll of Primal Scream...The unshakable belief and melody of Oasis.

Highlight of your career so far...
Standing on stage at Cardiff City Stadium in front of twenty three thousand people was pretty other-worldly.

We wanna be a huge international travelling rock 'n' roll circus. A jamboree of fireworks and music. And if we can be as prolific as possible, as well as reaching as many people as possible... that'll do nicely.

Best three new bands / tunes...
April - 'Open Mind'
Cabbage - 'Terrorist Synthesizer'
The Amazons - 'Nightdriving'

Dream zone...
Spelunking with Oliver Reed and Wayne Coyne.

Best band ever seen...
The Rolling Stones Glastonbury 2013... high as a kite... wonderful...

Heroes and villains...
Our tour manager Ian Forster is both our Hero and our Villain. Legally I can't disclose the reasons for this.

Karaoke song...
Prince - 'Purple Rain'

Plans for 2017...
More singles, more shows, all on the path to world domination.

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And finally... This Feeling has also unveiled their definitive list of the bands to watch in 2017 - without further ado...

The Shimmer Band
White Room
The Blinders
Strange Bones
The Phantoms
Jordan Allen
Willow Robinson
Gutxi Bibang
The Cosmics
Emily Capell
The Assist
Moonlight Zoo
The Strawberries

Check out a playlist of these bands:

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This Feeling are set to host the following big in 2017 shows:

14 London Nambucca w/ The Shimmer Band, The Blinders, Strange Bones, Emily Cappell, Willow Robinson, Black Waters + The Cosmics

21 Manchester Night & Day w/ The Blinders, White Room, April, Dantevilles, Jordan Allen, The Assist, Strange Bones + The Strawberries

11 Glasgow Broadcast w/ The Phantoms, VIDA, Sahara, Moonlight Zoo + Shambolics

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