This Feeling Band Of The Month: Strange Bones

Outspoken Blackpool trio profiled...

Strange Bones take no shit from anyone.

The Blackpool trio's feral live show feeds distorted blues riffs through a mangler, a distorted mesh of sound that recalls everything from The Cramps to those early Arctic Monkeys demos.

Scabrous Northern wit allied to undaunted confidence, Strange Bones could well be set to dominate 2017.

This Feeling have thrown their weight behind the trio, and will be there every step of the way on an upcoming tour.

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Introduce yourselves…
On the drums we have the one and only log man Spub Newburn also known as Nuddy when levels of intoxication reach a certain boiling point, both marvellous creatures. On guitar we have Jack Bentham, electrical wizard and supermarket scammer currently wanted by the Sainsbury's secret police. Bass guitar is Will Bentham, master of the spray can. And me, Bobby Bentham, the milkman's child.

Describe your sound in five words…

What inspired you to start a band?
Our parents took us to see many punk bands when we were kids – Goldblade, One way system, UK subs, holidays in the sun festival etc. We started our first band really young, Jack was 9… Starting Strange Bones was always about shouting in the face of delusion and obedience. The naked self interest between humans in a dog eat dog society, where we are all blindly distracted by our fetishism of commodities. Everything started to seem more and more like a distraction piece.

Jeremy & The Privatisationz – 'Defund Boogie Town Disco' / The Cramps.

Highlight of your career so far…
Probably recording with Chris Shiflett at 606, and everything that came with that wild week in Los Angeles.

Release an album, tour until death do us part, shout naked truths in our post-truth world, make good friends.

Best three new bands / tunes…

Dream Zone
Get high with Brian Cox, whilst he explains how Mars lost its atmosphere.

Best Band Ever Seen
Probably the Slackers, the Hives or Neville Staple Band.

Heroes and Villains
Hero – Iggy Pop
Villains, where do I start?

Karaoke Song
David Peel and The Lower East Side: UP AGAINST THE WALL MOTHERFUCKER!

Plans for 2017…
Play at your local venue and by the power of big sister baptise you.

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Catch Strange Bones at the following shows:

6 Cardiff The Moon
7 Bristol Stag & Hounds
8 Leeds Lending Room
14 Leicester The Cookie
15 London The Victoria
27 Manchester Jimmy's
28 Liverpool Zanzibar

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