They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them

Expand your head...

A stunning mixture of styles and genres, They Came… seem to have a keen knowledge of just about every form of music going on this planet (and possibly the next one along).

Forming in 1999, the band has eventually whittled their line-up down to four members – though it still fluctuates. Releasing singles and EPs sporadically ever since, They Came… have become a genuine cottage industry. Rave reviews for their latest cosmic live performances mingle with the acclaim for latest recordings.

Their new album is a psychedelic party jam that takes off like an Apollo rocket. The music more than matches the outlandish name, blending together the itchy funk of prime era Talking Heads with the primal squeals of ‘On The Corner’ style Miles Davis. Expand your head, and prepare for take off.

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