From Ewan Pearson to Wiley and more...

A good mix relies on a lot more than simply cutting edge taste.

Done correctly, a mix can break down barriers between genres, using differences, contradictions as a means to say something new. When not filtering through the promo pile the ClashMusic office resounds to all manner of mixes, with the team filtering through link after link, URL after URL.

Here's what our contributors have been rating this week.

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Ewan Pearson - Boiler Room Berlin (as nominated by Josh Ray)
With a first class degree from Cambridge University, Ewan Pearson is probably the most educated figure dance music has seen, though I’m sure a certain Mancunian physicist would beg to differ. Somehow, the Kidderminster-born academic has managed to find time amid a hectic schedule of DJing, book writing and blogging to build a heterogeneous back catalogue of stand-out remixes and heavyweight productions which constantly blur the lines between the underground and the mainstream. Playing out of Berlin, the house music mecca he now calls home, the philosophical DJ offers up a “blissed out” mix which begins with ethereal synth-pop melodies layered over unremitting electro basslines and steadily moves into some raucous acid grooves before finishing proceedings with a helping of pop-tinged house. Blending tracks from artists as diverse as Professor Genius, The Asphodells, Mugwump and Martin Solveig, Pearson shaped a seamless sonic voyage that kept the Boiler Room bouncing throughout.

Balance presents jozif (as nominated by Angus Thomas Paterson)
The ‘Balance’ series has always been very dependable, whether it’s delivering groundbreaking musical leaps, or simply top-form excursions into the nightclub setting like we got from Nic Fanciulli and Funk D’Void in their installments last year. I was really excited at the prospect of a series offshoot, and Balance presents Jozif is the first in a new series that will be showcasing fresher talent. The UK deep house DJ/producer has surprised everyone and done something really, really special here, though: it’s a mixture of chilled downbeat ambience, and some deeper, more club–focused material, though what’s really unique about it is that Jozif was dealing with the death of a close friend while putting the mix together. It inspired a much more melancholic, introspective approach, and there’s a feeling of sadness to the music here that’s impossible to convey in words. I can’t stop listening; amazing, amazing, amazing.

Lukid on NTS Live (as nominated by Oli Marlow)
A direct opposite of the cycle you get locked in when you’re constantly downloading mixes - you know the one that can make your brain melt just trying to dissect all of what you’re listening to? – the latest edition of Lukid’s new monthly two hour show on Dalston’s own NTS Live does really well to draw you through a whole heap of weird shit. To be brutally honest it’s not so much how he puts his show together, or even the transitions between the songs, that marks it out amongst the available swathes of arranged digital music files; it’s purely what he’s playing. At a compressed 192kbps the whole 120 minutes all sound crunchy and yeah, there’s no tracklist provided for it, but I don’t really want to know exactly what it is he’s playing. This show just makes me want to go and find shit like this for myself.

KROQ ROQ N' BEATS with DJ JEREMIAH RED (as nominated by Jenna Aranda)
A big sound on the radio dial in Los Angeles California is DJ Jeremiah Red’s Saturday night "Roq' In Beats". The radio station KROQ's format is alternative, but DJ Jeremiah gets a hall pass for two hours to play everything and anything. And everything he plays. This mix has Robert De Long, Skrillex ,Dillon Francis, Nero, Major Lazer, and much more. This is strictly to get the party going for a home soiree, to get your pre-party vibe started, or some serious cardio fitness session. Look for DJ Jeremiah Red keeping the party going at Coachella in the 106.7 KROQ tent where you can cool off, and get rowdy.

Royal-T: Eski Mix (as nominated by Robin Murray)
A key player in Grime's creative resurgence, Royal-T has always been quick to pay homage to the greats of the first wave. Launching a new mix series, the producer opted to tackle one of the most flamboyant, creative and downright mental figures Grime has ever produced: Wiley. Looping together some classic, rare and re-worked Eski beats, this is a loving tribute to the pioneer who virtually defines Grime's chaotic, goofy, technicolor Futurism. From 'Wot Do You Call It?' to those cursed Devil mixes, they're all in here and they're all at 140 - if Wiley's current chart slaying antics are driving you wild, pop this on and remind yourself of a time when Eskiboy was breaking new ground on a near daily basis.


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