The Tech Issue – Nas – Machine Gun Kelly

Issue 80 / December 2012
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Nas The World Is His

It’s the last days of the London Olympics and Nas is in town. Tomorrow he’ll witness the USA men’s basketball team win a gold medal. But today he’s in Hackney, Dalston, to be exact, explaining why 2012 was the right year for him to release an album. “It’s an interesting time,” he begins. “[Music] comes out the way it comes out, you know? I never plan it to get it ready; music speaks to me in a way that tells me, ‘It’s time to do it again’. I never know when it’s time.” After eighteen years of recording, these days he feels less pressure when it comes to the reception of an album. “Nervousness left a long time ago, except for the good butterflies you feel about to do something exciting. It’s just a good feeling and it’s cool to think that every time I put out a record, the sounds are more seasoned.”

Machine Gun Kelly Anarchy In The MGK

Upon entering a room with Machine Gun Kelly, the first thing you notice is that he most definitely is not your average rapper. Standing 6’3”, he is a pale, blue-eyed statue covered in tattoos. Combine this with the tufts of blond hair forming a mohican under his hat and the silver spiked jewellery decorating his neck, and you’d be forgiven for thinking this guy was part of an entirely different musical genre than the hip-hop he’s championing – and hearing him speak doesn’t do much to shake that opinion either.

Husky Rescue Take Cover

From the never-ending daylight hours of summer, to the relentless darkness of the winter months, Finland is a land of contrasts. Out of this contradictory environment comes Husky Rescue, a band of equally contrasting parts.

Madonna Rerotica

When madonna released her debut single, ‘Everybody’, thirty years ago, few people would have predicted that she would transcend the New York club scene that spawned her, let alone go on to become the most successful female artist of all time and an icon of popular culture. A decade later, by the time she published her literary debut, Sex – a lavish coffee table tome – Madonna had firmly established herself as pop’s premier provocateur, using each song, video, tour or magazine cover to spark debate, provoke reactions and had embarked on her one-woman sexual revolution, challenging stereotypes and using her spotlight to highlight issues such as sexual politics, gay rights and AIDS awareness.

Stubborn Heart Ones To Watch

Ten years of making radar-evading sounds precede Luca Santucci and Ben Fitzgerald, our protagonist duo, and Luca even admits to a brief flirtation with “death-folk”. One day, they decided to press a particular track on vinyl. A white label was made for ‘Need Someone’, printed in an unsteady, condensed font. Their email address below; a hanging tit of a gesture.

Adam Ant Rock And Rules

"A lot of people change their names. It gives you a chance to draw a line under your growing up and then you decide you wanna live for yourself and you wanna do the things you wanna do. You more or less do a whole change – look at Joe Strummer and people like that. It was very indicative of the attitude and the kind of music you were playing. So, for me, it was a kind of necessity. It was a new start, and that was what I wanted."

Album Spotlight

Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

"The political significance of the cover image didn't penetrate such a yuthful mind. It just looked goddamn cool."

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