The Special Events That Defined The Manc Acid House Scene

Something a little juicy...

Well having got this far you deserve something a little juicy…..

The infamous New Order post Technique Party at Real World Studios, Bath.

“Events would be definitely the trip down to bath to Peter Gabriel’s studio and the party we had for New Order at the end of August 88. That was pretty mad. You were playing a gig with a river running beneath the glass floor in a studio. I lost my mind.” Jon Dasilva

“I remember right at the beginning of it New Order, there was a very infamous party they had, well it was one of my best parties really. They’d been recording at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios and when they finished recording, they were like “We’re having a party”. We got two double decker coaches down from the Hacienda, this was right at the beginning so there were probably about a hundred heads and we were absolutely twatted before we even left. It was amazing. As we were getting near the place, people were getting off in these little villages and like Geoff The Chef getting off asking the way with a whistle and one of those little muslim hats on. In the end someone saw the lights and people were running across the field to get to it, they were just that desperate.” Mike Pickering

“I remember it all. God knows why? We decided to have a party to celebrate the end of Technique so Rob decided to bring everyone down from Manchester. Why did he do that? Two coach loads and [name removed] ordered 1000 E’s and he said to [name removed] “You sell em?” So [name removed] got em and I think he got em for eight grand and [name removed’s] idea was the two grand would pay for the booze. Once everyone was twatted, he was giving them away anyway. I think he woke up with a fiver and a sore arse.

“A lot of people did lose their minds at that. The one I remember is [name removed], he had a girl, holding her round the neck like that walking round the party with an axe. He wasn’t there, he’d gone, there was nobody there. A fire axe and her in a headlock and she was screaming blue murder and nobody knew who she was and nobody could hear her because of the music. Someone came and got me cos I was in the cottage so I went up and went “[name removed], what are you doing?” Took the axe off him and told him “let go of the girl, c’mon let go, let go.” So he ultimately let go and the girl ran off screaming, I put the axe away somewhere good and then he went off shagging [name removed] in the lake. You could see the two of them in the lake like that with their heads bobbing.” Peter Hook

“ Yeah, (laughs), yeah, I was there. The whole thing was quite bizarre because everyone was in such a haze about what we were going to do and being invited was pretty cool, and then two coaches going down there got fucked before they arrived so by the time everyone got there, they’d taken everything they’d brought with them. My main memory of it is being in the studio there, the one with the glass floor and it was quite a surreal party. One of the things I never remember about that do is that I have no idea how long it went on for?” Gary McLarnan

“We got in there and there were silver trays full of E’s going round. It was brilliant. It went on for about three days. I remember me and Graeme were Djing and Graeme was like “Mike, Mike, Can I go on now?” And I was like “I’ve only just gone on” and I’d been on six and a half hours. I didn’t have a clue. I was like “Ah shit, sorry, there you go.” It went on for about two, three days, it was one of the classic early parties.” Mike Pickering

“Rob came up with a great idea for storing all the booze away and he had these two girls giving the drinks out so everyone was allowed two cans of beer or a bottle of wine and then they all came in off the coaches, pushed the girls out of the way and ransacked the bar. There were people walking around with twenty bottles of champagne cupped in their arms. It was an annual pig fest. Everyone went fucking beserk. There was shagging everywhere, it was just outrageous. I went and locked meself in my bedroom.” Peter Hook

“Peter Gabriel never knew about it.” Mike Pickering

“There was hardly any damage. They repainted the walls. That was it.” Peter Hook

The United States Of Hacienda Tour

“I’d say actually going to New York with the Hacienda. That was an amazing gig. We kind of did this tour and it was a package really. We’d all just gone over there and like going over there on your own is like one thing but going over with a load of people who you know from where you’re from it was such a mad buzz, it was amazing. I’ll never forget that.” A Guy Called Gerald

“The United States Of Hacienda, I didn’t go on that but I got the T-Shirt. It’s one of my most treasured T-shirts. The thing is, I was 18, 19 years old then, just, and I was getting fifteen quid a gig and the idea of touring America was just….so far out there. That’s why when it started to kick off for me, it was just such an amazing change.” Sasha

“The United States Of Hacienda was brilliant cos that was tied up with a New Order tour of America and I remember having to DJ on the same bill as The Sugarcubes featuring Bjork, Public Image Limited, then me, then New Order. I was DJing on the tour and then the club coincided with that with Jon Dasilva, Gerald and a few others. It was great. I was playing American House music in a club in Manchester and then I was over in the Stares playing it back to them. I suppose we re-exported house music back to them.” Graeme Park

“Yeah, the United States Of Hacienda, we paid for them and we lost a lot of money on that. They just acted like primadonnas and we got treated like shit. I remember one night I offered a load of them out, Dasilva and Graeme Park. We were at a club in Detroit and they were taking the piss. I went in and told em “Outside now ‘cos I’m gonna leather the pair of yer, I’m fucking sick of yer, yer both a bunch of cunts”. “What’s up with you?” “Fucking outside now” and they were dragging me off them.

“It just got really uppity. They just disappeared up their own arse. It was a good time but I didn’t see much of them after that, I just went “Fuck em” and left them to it. They were arriving to clubs in limos, “Ah Hooky, how’s it going. Hey hold that for a stone man.” What a way to disappear up your own arse……” Peter Hook

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