Check out these new poems, artwork, and her single 'rain'...

lordkez is fascinated by creativity in its totality.

She's never been interested in constraining herself to one genre, or even one discipline, allowing her interests in music, the written word, and visual arts to intermingle.

New EP 'Charcotta' is incoming, with lordkez sharing her daring single 'Rain' as a teaser. It's an emphatic return, a stunning piece of neo-soul that has its sight fixated upon the future.

Alongside the single, lordkez has prepared a new creative capsule, one that encompasses two poems, and one artwork.

The capsule is named 'Divinit3', and the pieces are named - individually - 'Trinit3', 'Peac3', and '3levate'.

The triptych represents the "three phases of the connection to the divine through creation", says lordkez, with each leading to the next.

She comments: "Art has played such a vital role in my life, as a person it has helped me developed opinion and express my thoughts, as a musician it has taught me concept and has assisted in connecting me spiritually to my work. When I paint I go through all the emotions, I release all my feelings and I translate my ideas in the hope that it helps others do the same."

"The Diaries of Charcotta, has been something that I have been doing my whole life, I have kept a little diary of all my poetry over the years, which all along was leading me to releasing my new project titled 'Charcotta'. Poetry has been one of the closest art forms to me, it has assisted me in sharpening my lyrics for my music and most importantly it has been an outlet for me to express my soul to myself when I needed it most."

Start with a beautiful live clip of 'Rain' - shot on the rooftops of Johannesburg - then absorb her writing and art below...

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