The Scare

Aussie punk upstarts

200 years ago, Great Britain packed its undesirables off to a colony on the other side of the world. This colony has since returned the favour by exporting the musical genius of Men At Work, Stefan Dennis and Delta Goodrem.

Thankfully, Aussie punk upstarts The Scare do not fall into the same bracket as they’re actually rather good.

So why leave the sun-kissed beaches of Brisbane behind for the rain-soaked streets of Birmingham? “If we wanted to be a band with long term goals we definitely had to come over to the UK,” says drummer Sam Pearton matter-of-factly. “We’re pretty ambitious people and we weren’t happy to do what every other Australian band has ever done – we didn’t want to tour just in our own country, have a day job and be safe within our own world.”

Most Australians heading for British shores make their way to the capital and although The Scare spend a lot of time in London, they have no plans to pack up their instruments and move there. “London eats people. British people seem to come and see bands play because they’re music fans but gig-goers in London are more fickle, they seem to be looking for ‘the next big thing’ all the time and we want to have more staying power than that,” Sam says in defence of their new home in Birmingham suburb, Moseley. “Plus we have no money whatsoever!”

The band moved to the UK a few months ago and the transition has been pretty eventful so far. Bassist Wade Keighran has been beaten up, which left him with a broken collarbone and their tour manager was robbed at knifepoint recently. Not quite the welcome party we’d hope to give new settlers but Sam is upbeat about their relocation. “Living in the UK, Birmingham in particular, is interesting. It’s much different to where we’re from and moving here has opened us up to a new realm of living.”

With five of them sharing a three-bedroomed house and touring together it would be easy to assume they have the occasional ruck but Sam insists it’s the contrary. “It’s always hard living with a group of people especially as we don’t have much independence over here,” he says about living with his four bandmates. “It’s just us, nothing else, we’re together constantly. We’re all so close that if we’re apart for a day or two I start wondering what they’re all up to.”

“…we didn’t want to tour just in our own country, have a day job and be safe within our own world.”

As well as living in close proximity, all five of the band contribute to writing their material. “Five minds working together is better than just one or two, which is how most bands work. What influences our writing? Everything around us is inspiring us at the moment as our situation has changed so much,” says the wide-eyed drummer.

The Scare have been touring the UK relentlessly with their raucous sounds, most recently with !Forward Russia! and will be on the road until they release their debut album early next year. We suggest you check them out.

By Rachel Wright

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