Kelly Zutrau picks out some 90s bangers...

Brooklyn's Wet are searching for pop's core, for its juicy, inspirational centre.

With their acclaimed debut - full of zest, life, and ambitious ideas - the project set out its stall for songwriting with gloss, finesse, and style.

Following this founding member Marty Sulkow departed, with Wet then going into the studio with producer Rostam Batmanglij overseeing the sessions.

New album 'Still Run' was spearheaded by Kelly Zutrau, and it further defines the ideas that made Wet such an exciting proposition over those opening EP releases.

Out now, Clash caught up with Kelly Zutrau to talk more about the pop jewels that initially fired her imagination...

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- - -

Destiny's Child - 'Say My Name'

This is an obvious choice but I've listened to this song more times than any other song. I got the CD when I was 13 and when I first heard how smooth the production was and all the layered harmonies I thought this must be the music of the gods.

- - -

George Michael - 'Faith'

My mom only listened to a few tapes when I was young and she had a single of this song in the car on repeat. We would blast it and me and all my sisters would sing it with her. It's my favorite pre-chorus I've ever heard, the layered vocals and that melody going into the chorus!

He's such an epic singer, writer and producer, always trying to find songs that are both intense and fun at the same time, that's what I think his music is like.

- - -

Toni Braxton - 'Un-Break My Heart'

I heard this at a roller skating rink when I was eight and witnessed a very sad exchange to the soundtrack of this devastating track.

It was very cinematic which is why it stayed with me, we were skating in circles and the song was so smooth, her low voice and the desperation in the lyrics it's one of the best breakup songs I've ever heard.

- - -

Maxwell - 'This Woman's Work'

This is a cover and I love both versions but something about this one makes me cry every time. The strings, his high up vocals it's so perfect!

- - -

Mazzy Star - 'Fade Into You'

Her echoey vocal is just folded into this wall of music but somehow it doesn't overtake her. It's a love song but also sad which is my favourite kind. I love how jangly and loose the instruments are around her but it doesn't come off as sloppy, it falls perfectly together.

I can't think of a more epic chorus and made up of only three words. This song made me want to make sad country music.

- - -

'Still Run' is out now.

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