Fresh talent from South America...

LIANNA is leading a fresh charge of talent from Colombia.

The South American nation has always been a hub for creativity, from the sounds of cumbia to hip-hop, reggaeton, and more.

Stepped in rap heritage but unafraid to explore her soulful side, LIANNA is part of a new generation who are raising the bar and gaining international recognition in the process.

With her recent album 'Como el agua' pushing down barriers, LIANNA is set to hit SIMS : Medellin later this month for a no-doubt spectacular set.

Ahead of this, she introduces some music from Colombia that you really need in your life...

Hi there, I’m Lianna and this is my guide to the Sound of Colombia.

My selection of sounds goes through different flavours and colours of the current independent music in Colombia, with some of my favourite artists creating music that move my fibres. All of these songs that I listen to again and again without getting tired, including of course a lot of hip-hop, jazz, blues, bolero, salsa, funk and traditional sounds.

These all hold an independent Colombian quality, richness and musical variety to transport you, make you dance, and help you to connect with this side of the planet.

- - -

Alcolirykoz – 'Fruko y Sus Presos'

A musical gem, this track is drumless with Latin flavour. Rap at it’s finest, this is a beautiful ode to the neighbourhood, by my favourite band.

- - -

La Ramona – 'Brío'

The voice of the Ramona always reaches my soul, a deep and heartfelt voice telling a painful story and that of many women around the planet. 

- - -

Maite Hontelé ft. Herencia de timbiqui – 'Nochecita'

This song is a delicious romance, Colombian salsa and pacific, sweetness and vibe.

- - -

Hell-o Yak – 'Love'

I like to listen and sing this song with my eyes closed and repeat it and repeat it.

- - -

N. Hardem – 'Señales de humo'

One of my favourite MCs operating in Colombia. He has hypnotic lyrics, an impeccable beat.

- - -

Bituin – 'Noche cruda'

A trance guided by two creative and beautiful voices (Las Añez) a melodic journey accompanied by double bass and drums.

- - -

Anyone/Cualkiera – 'En cualquier parte'

Another of the key pieces of Colombian rap for me, I love this because my favourite music is the one that comes from the soul. 

- - -

Edson Velandia y Adriana Lizcano – 'Su madre patria'

A song that they have tried to censor in Colombia, a look at the corrupt political and social panorama that sadly governs our mother country.

- - -

SIMS : Medellin runs between May 16th - 18th - tickets.

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