Plus, the psych-punk duo pick out some essential tracks...
'I, Moron' Track Artwork

Cult duo The Lovely Eggs are an underground phenomenon.

Barbed psychedelic nuggets - in the truest sense - their punk-edged approach places them in a lane of their own.

Iggy Pop is a fan, and took to spinning The Lovely Eggs on his 6Music show, introducing them with his inimitable sandpaper growl.

The pair sent a 'thank you' email, and got a reply; quickly a rapport developed, with Iggy then lending his vocals to their new single 'I, Moron'.

“Being in The Lovely Eggs we’re kind of used to surreal experiences but collaborating with Iggy Pop takes the biscuit,” exclaims Eggs singer/guitarist Holly Ross. “It’s actually unbelievable. For him just to say nothing but 'moron' over and over again fitted in with the sentiment of the song perfectly. He just GOT it. We are all morons. In a world of moronic things. In a world of moronic ideas. You are moron. I am Moron. We are Moron.”

Sean McAnulty sculpted the claymation video, which unveiled on The Lovely Eggs' social media channels a few moments ago.

We've got first play, alongside a golden list of Iggy Pop anthems compiled by the band's David Blackwell.

- - -

- - -

Dum Dum Boys

'The Idiot' was the first Iggy album I had. When I was 13. My brother was a fan and had 'Raw Power', 'Lust for Life' and 'The Idiot'. Can’t remember why but I taped this one off him.

I remember we had to put a tape recorder in front of the record player speaker to record anything, so I suppose I had a lo-fi version of this album with only one side of the stereo image in mono! But I loved this album and listened to it constantly.

When we did the ‘I, Moron’ single it made sense to cover an Iggy song and this being the first album I had of his and of course because of the album title it made total sense to record one of these tracks. 'Dum Dum Boys' also resonated as we missed the old gang of bands we used to hang around with, so we picked this song.

- - -

I’m Bored

To me this just sums up the feeling you have when starting a band. Everything’s shit. You have to go out and create something for yourself. You can’t even go and watch a whole gig without getting bored and wanting to get on stage yourself!

- - -

No Fun

Obviously the one that the Sex Pistols covered. Just giving off more bored vibes, everything’s the same old shit!

- - -


Iggy really captures the seedy side of things and although this song is called Funtime it has a really creepy vibe. Always thought he was on about some Nightclub in Berlin “last night I was down in the lab talking to Dracula and his crew”. Just gives off a post punk/pre goth image!

- - -

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Obviously one of the greatest songs of all time. The Stooges sound was just really intense in your face, repetitive and messy. The idea of adding sleigh bells to a track that wasn’t a Christmas tune should be ridiculous, but it works on this.

- - -

Search And Destroy

This is one of the songs my brother used to sing to me when I was little; “I am a world's forgotten boy the one who searches and destroys.” 'Raw Power' album was obviously the start of the Stooges' second phase and a totally different sound as they moved Ron from guitar to bass and got James Williamson in on guitar. He was a much flashier player and it definitely sounded more ‘Rock’ and initially I found it harder to get into as I was more into stuff like the Velvet Underground. But later on, I embraced the heavier sound of this phase.

Was a bit miffed when Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was involved in production of the 1997 remastered version, I never listened to that version!

- - -

Lust For Life

Just great visual lyrics again. I believe Iggy would just go into the studio and make up the lyrics before recording the vocals. Holly has done this a couple of times and I just love the idea of creating something on the spot like that and it obviously worked here. It’s amazing.

- - -

The Dawn

I like the way Iggy manages to move through genres. It would be so easy for him to say ‘I’m an alt punk rock singer and stick to that’ but he’s not afraid to push boundaries and do some jazz or whatever. I guess he just doesn’t give a fuck!

- - -

The Passenger

Another one my brother used to sing to me. I really remember the lines “see the city's ripped backsides”. The lyrics are really visual and almost surreal. I didn’t know the connection at the time between Iggy and David Bowie and I used to get annoyed with the really loud backing vocals!

- - -


This reminds me of how full band practices in previous bands used to sound, sort of full on and everyone going for it 100% sort of like a controlled jam! I love the sound, there’s no separation between the instruments. Just one giant chunk of sound. But then with Iggy’s voice over the top.

I heard he use to sing into a relatively cheap mic through an amp to get the real dirty sound on his voice. Fuck the Neumann’s, use whatever you’ve got and try and get that sound in your head onto the record!

- - -


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