The Kunts Talk New Jubilee-Baiting Single

It's going viral...

As Britain swings into the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, one song seems to be capturing the mood of the nation – an ultra-sweary nursery rhyme from The Kunts.

The group have made a habit of gate-crashing the Christmas charts, and they've got their sights set on the Jubilee run-down.

Out now, 'Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce' is explicit, childish, and quickly going viral – it's No. 12 in the Official UK Trending Chart, and it's cracked the Top 40.

Could The Kunts have another unexpected hit on their hands?

Clash caught up with the chief Kunt himself for some answers.

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What sparked your idea to soundtrack the Jubilee?

Growing up with the folklore of the Sex Pistols' 'God Save The Queen' in 1977, it has always been in the back of my mind, but with everything that's happened this year with Prince Andrew dodging the sexual assault allegations by way of an out of court settlement, and the Queen allegedly helping to fund it, the Platinum Jubilee felt a bit like the perfect storm.

How closely have you followed the Prince Andrew accusations? What thoughts / feelings did his claims prompt?

I've been following the case with a bit of a sense of disbelief at the way things have unfolded. It's been like a sitcom at times, Prince Andrew hiding under the lampshade with his trousers round his ankles trying to avoid getting served court papers.

But that was nothing compared to his Newsnight Interview. The arrogance in thinking that he could pull the wool over the public's eyes with a series of mealy-mouthed, overcomplicated excuses for me just showed how little respect his family have for our intelligence.

The sweating thing aside, what also bordered on farce was the idea that he could go from complete memory loss about the photograph of himself and Virginia Giuffre, to remembering in intricate detail a trip to Pizza Express in Woking!

What should happen next to him?

I guess because he's reached a financial settlement on the case brought against him, he's free to go about his business, though I was in York a few weeks ago visiting some mates and there seemed to be quite a strong feeling among the people I spoke to that they don't want him associated with their city. What kind of message does that send out to the rest of us if he is allowed to keep his titles?

What makes a pop song the best place to discuss these issues?

Because you can set it to music, make it rhyme and if you do it right it will be going round in people's heads all day whether they like it or not!

How did you hit upon the nursery rhyme idea? With the last couple of protest songs about Boris Johnson I've fixated on the idea of making the message very clear and unambiguous. The Duke of York nursery rhyme just felt like an obvious thing to use as a starting point.

How long did the song itself take to write?

I know it sounds like I must have spent months crafting it but it probably only took about 15 minutes to sit down and compile the various parts. I'd already had a few ideas that I'd sung into the voice notes on my phone. The chorus melody was from an old song I had knocking around for 20 years and never released.

It's a bit of a Frankenstein's monster, just like its subject.

What has the reaction been from the Palace?

Given how much they engage with the media these days, they've been surprisingly quiet. It's a shame the Duke of Edinburgh isn't around to hear it, he's meant to have had a great sense of humour.

Do you think the UK should be a Republic / have an elected head of state?

Yes I do, but only after we've got rid of Boris Johnson and his cronies because he'd probably change all the rules to make himself Emperor.

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'Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce' is out now – full information HERE.

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