17 - Nov 06
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The Kooks TB, tantrums and tonsilitis

"We're a pop band who writes pop songs and we have attitude and we're people. We're not plastic; we're not trying to be celebrities. I think with our music, the stuff that we're writing at the moment, there's a lot of stuff we're trying to talk about..."

The Magic Numbers Bowled Over

“It was kind of surreal that we had to wait that long for things to come together,” he remembers, before protesting, “but what were we meant to do, grab our little sisters at 11 years old and force them, like ‘come on sis, play the fuckin’ bass, man’?

Larrikin Love Amorous Rock 'n' Roll

Larrikin Love are like feral creatures let loose for the day. Clash meets the band in Brighton, amidst their tour supporting The Kooks. After chasing some fat seagulls in the park, they climb up drainpipes on the Brighton Pavilion and make up dance routines on the spot.

Andrew Weatherall Long in the sabre tooth

Weatherall cut his melodic teeth in the hedonism of the exploding acid house scene. Mainly in the psychedelic fairyland of Madchester.

Albert Hammond Jr Yours to Stroke

“Hearing Buddy Holly for the first time really was a life changing experience. One day I hated music and the next, I just fell in love with it.”

The Byrds Flying high once more

In the decade that spanned The Byrds’ existence, the band found themselves protagonists of folk-rock, psychedelic-rock, jazz-rock and - after discovering and drafting in Gram Parsons - country rock.

Smokey Robinson Motown's main Miracle

It’s no small feat to be dubbed “America’s greatest living poet” by Bob Dylan, hardly an outside contender for the title himself, but then Smokey Robinson is truly a songwriter that has united his country in song - all 4000 of them!

Album Spotlight

The KLF - Chill Out

The truth has always been stranger than the fiction that surrounds Bill Drumond and Jimmy Cauty.

Personality Clash

The Longcut Vs Mogwai

It was a case of North versus South as our two acts clashed in curiousity

  • ROCK AND RULES Dave Stewart
  • FASHION The Noisettes, Bat For Lashes
  • ELECTRIC SELECTION Steve Milanese, Mountaineer, Lithops, Enders Room
  • ONES TO WATCH Candie Payne, CSS, The 1990's, Loney, Dear...
  • THE LAST TIME Dustins Bar Mitzvah
  • WRITE ON The Brakes
Album Reviews
  • The Long Blondes
  • Squarepusher
  • A Hawk And A Hacksaw
  • The Charlatans
  • Andrea Parker
  • Battle
  • The Magic Numbers
  • Mogwai
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • Oasis
  • Arab Strap
  • The Clash

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