25 - Mar 08

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The Kooks Here we are again – old friends embracing...

Here we are again – old friends embracing, knowing smirks capturing fond memories. Clash and The Kooks go way back, and there’s lots to catch up on, but something is drastically different. There is a dark cloud hovering, and soon the creased faces flip to concerned frowns.

Foals If 2008 belongs to any band, it's Foals

If 2008 belongs to any band, it would seem that ownership resides with Foals, straddling provocatively between the measured broadsheets and a 2007 episode-appearance on cult-teen series Skins. Declared by a plethora of publications as the “ones to watch” this year...

Supergrass Still very much together after the best part of two decades...

Still very much together after the best part of two decades, Supergrass have always been more than just a band for the Britpop generation. Clash met up with Gaz and Danny before a recent live appearance to talk new albums, longevity and back-breaking bassists.

Guillemots No Man Is An Island

No Man Is An Island. So says the sticker emblazoned across the steel door of Guillemots’ East-London recording studio, anyway. You can’t deny it’s true, unless your name happens to be Ibiza, but the sentiment may ring especially true for Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield.

The Breeders Huddled in the lobby...

Huddled in the lobby of London’s fashionable K West Hotel, where the cream of US pop hang out while in town on promotional business, two genuine rock and roll icons are jerking around like poor, retarded children. Kim and Kelley Deal don’t realise they’re dancing like retards, of course...

Autechre Disorientating, yes. Elusive, probably.

If prompted to list a selection of synonyms for electronic duo Autechre, it’s quite likely ‘sixty minute live jam’ wouldn’t top the list. Disorientating, yes. Elusive, probably. Intelligent, I dare say. But sixty minute jams? Cock right off. 

Getting picked up in a DeLorean... Neon Neon

Getting picked up in a DeLorean that ought to have a flux capacitor on the back to be ferried to your chat is, for a child of the ’80s, something of a treat. ‘But why?’ you may well ask. Well, because Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip have made an album themed around the vehicle’s inventor.

Album Spotlight

Pixies - Surfer Rosa

“Pixies were a truly singular band. Their most interesting elements are those which have been copied the least. Which other band has merged flamenco with punk rock?”

Personality Clash

Mystery Jets Vs Erol Alkan

On the back of completing their second album together, three members of The Mystery Jets caught up once again with producer Erol Alkan to quiz him on the band, what they were like to work with and what it’s like to be a dance producer with fingers in an indie band pie.

  • Polls Apart I Am The Resurrection
  • Private Passions Miss Kitten
  • Ones To Watch SXSW
  • The Last Time The Kills
  • Write On Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
  • Rock and Rules Eels
Album Reviews
  • Neon Neon "Stainless Style"
  • Hercules And Love Affair "Hercules And Love Affair"
  • Autechre "Quaristice"
  • Elbow "The Seldom Seen Kid"
  • Guillemots "Red"
  • Foals "Antidotes"
  • Vincent Vincent & The Villains "Gospel Bombs"
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazurus, Dig!!!"
  • Supergrass "Diamond Hoo Ha"
  • The Death Set "Worldwide"
  • Malcolm Middleton "Sleight Of Heart"
  • Young Knives "Superabundance"

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