Stina Tweeddale picks out her favourite horror flicks...

Honeyblood's pumped up second album 'Babes Never Die' made quite the impression round these parts.

Tweaking the ambitions of their debut, the Glaswegian duo - Stina Tweeddale, Cat Myers - added extra muscle without losing the subtlety of their songwriting.

Crashing into the Top 50, 'Babes Never Die' has sparked a series of exhausting international tour.

Somehow, though, Honeyblood have found the time to shoot a fantastically horrifying new video ahead of their latest batch of UK shows.

'Walking At Midnight' boasts one of Stina's best vocals, an octave-defying ride through atmospheric yet visceral climes.

The video itself is an eerie Carrie homage, with Stina taking the titular role - oh, and watch out for a hypnotic appearance from drag artist Virgin Xtravaganzah.

In keeping with this, Clash invited Stina Tweeddale to name a few of her favourite horror films...

- - -

The Witch

I went to the cinema to watch this movie and was really excited to see it because I love witches. I was not disappointed!

- - -


This is one of my favourite movies ever. I love Lucky McKee and was captivated by this movie when I hit my teens. Not only is a great dark comedy but it has a awesome soundtrack, and the first place I heard The Breeders!

- - -

The Haunting (1963)

I remember watching this one as a kid and being terrified. It’s all doorknob rattling and the power of suggestion, which I think can be more creepy than seeing whatever is lurking behind the door itself.

- - -

The Birds

I love Hitchcock movies, and The Birds was the first one I got to see as a kid. It’s a classic.

- - -

American Werewolf In London

Another classic awesome dark comedy horror and I love watching 1980s style special effects (the part when he turns into a werewolf is grossly captivating!)

- - -

Catch Honeyblood at London's KOKO venue on June 16th.

For tickets to the latest Honeyblood shows click HERE.

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