The Homesick (Credit: Isolde Woudstra)
High times in the Lowlands...

The Netherlands isn't particularly known for its gnarly indie rock.

Electronic music, sure. Reggae, even more so. In fact, the international perception of the Dutch music scene lingers on those two potent exports, and the various hues inbetween.

Right now, though, that's all set to change. When Clash ventured to Eurosonic Noorderslag in the opening weeks of 2018 we were struck by how inventive, how unique, and how original the Dutch guitar scene actually is.

And that's only set to increase. Dutch trio The Homesick released their album 'Youth Hunt' last year, and taste-maker imprint Yala! Records immediately fell in love with it.

All off kilter riffs, glorious melodies, and lyrics that seems to tie themselves up in knots, it was so damn addictive that Yala! brought the band over to play one of their South London sweat-drenched clubnights.

The association continues on new single 'Gucci Gucci', a terrific one-off blast of guitar squall that will be available digitally and on extremely limited seven inch vinyl.

Here, we invite The Homesick to reveal a few more secrets from the Dutch guitar underground...

- - -


Rotterdam all-star group. Lewsberg just released a self-titled LP full of good songs. I really like the way this record sounds. Also, the singer has the most amazing Dutch accent ever to be heard. For fans of The Feelies, The Velvets and dad-rock.

- - -


The best new young band from the Netherlands. Each time I see them play they’re way better than the last time, almost scary. It seems like they’re in a heavy prog phase these days. Music for millennials and fans of New York in the 70s and Liverpool in the 80s.

- - -

It Dockumer Lokaeltsje

Legendary Frisian no-wave group. They made two amazing records three decades ago. Short, intense songs with bizarre Frisian vocals like 'Piemelsjen'; cockspotting.

Last year they released a new LP ('Tonger') and it’s great. Rumour has it they’re working on a record full of D.A.F covers!

- - -

Rats On Rafts

'Tape Hiss', Rats On Rafts’ second LP (Fire Records, 2015) is probably our favourite Dutch record ever. We played a lot of shows together in the past and they taught us a lot about sonic destruction and Rotterdam.

- - -

Youth Hunt

Youth Hunt is a disbanded noise-rock(?) group from our hometown Dokkum. I think their music sounded like an original blend of loud, nihilistic and terrifying musical styles. They only played a few times and there’s some stuff on Bandcamp. I hope someday they will reunite.

Fun fact: we named our 2017 record after this band.

- - -

Canshaker Pi

On the 4th of May, Canshaker Pi will release their second album 'Naughty Naughty Violence'. It’s killer! This Amsterdam based group is probably the best live band in the Netherlands right now.

Fun fact: their first self-titled LP was produced by Stephen Malkmus from Pavement.

- - -

The Homesick's new seven inch drops on May 4th via Yala! Records - pre-order your copy HERE.

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