The EDWIN Music Channel Enlists Low Bat For Exclusive Mix

The French luminary curates an atmospheric world music-inflected experience....

The EDWIN Music Channel has been an incubator for thrilling, genre-blurring mixes fashioned by world-renowned DJs, producers and tastemakers.

Entering a new decade, EDWIN has enlisted 'NIght Travel on a Blanket' founder and underground producer Low Bat to bring his sophisticated, sample-based synergy to a new mix. 

The exclusive mix is a dark and fractious affair. Suffused with Low Bat's wayfaring spirit, capturing the kinetic verve of field recordings and ethnic rhythms, he traverses new wave and desolate techno, churning it all through a post-punk blender.  

Accompanying the mix, the French producer spoke with EDWIN about his musical upbringing, his time exploring nocturnal life in Berlin and what the future holds for the master of sound…

Tune in now and read snippets of the EDWIN Music Channel interview with Low Bat now…

– – – 

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background? 

Well, I'm glad to have an older sister and brother who strongly gave me the initial shape of my background. Firstly, my sister gave me some CDs of French rap such as 'La Rumeur', with some strong political texts. On the other side, my brother made me listen to bands such as Electralane, Nick Drake and Elliot Smith. 

I was also learning violin in music school at the time but my teacher was such an elitist idiot that he made me hate music from some time. After a while, I listened to punk from the likes of Crass whilst having blackouts induced by cheap Cognac. 

I stepped into electronic music when I met Judaah. But I never really let go of these early influences of mine like conscious rap, melancholic late night listening sessions and some punk attitude on top. 

What future projects are you working on right now? 

I have a few things cooking. We are still in a creative process with my friends Luc and Ariel, and we hope to put out a full-length album under our band name Jean-Luc. Guillaume from Pilotwings was patient enough with me to record an album last year. We still don't have a name for the project but it will see the light of day on Themes For Great Cities, the label run by Arne. This will be a German-speaking album, a free therapy session about my years in Berlin. 

I'm also trying to keep up with a very important side of me, programming. I've been a member of Mutant Radio for a year, I'm currently writing these sentences from the radio courtyard located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Through radio, I'm trying to work with people I love and trust. 

Can you name some newcomers you feel deserve more attention? 

Naomie Klaus, a French artist based in Brussels is doing terrific job as well as Simas Okas, who I put on my first compilation. I want to sneak in the work of DJ F16 Falcon and P.A.L also. 

What's the most immoral offer that has ever been made to you? 

The same as everyone else gets, to work for money in order to survive. 

In July, you curated an exclusive festival in France. Can you tell us a bit about it? How was it planning a festival during a pandemic? 

The festival was made together with two wonderful modern times beatnicks, Clyde and Aki, with the additional help of Noé and DJ OKO and the smiles and incredible support of everyone who came. I still get goosebumps when I think about it. It was a bit crazy as it was made for only 250 people and we had strict regulations to follow in France at the time. The mainline in our heads was to curate a festival with more live bands than DJs and our slogan was "Rock and Cry" for the YLOD. 

– – – 

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