The Draytones

Made for dancing

The Draytones boast a raw energy and downright unpredictability that hasn’t been seen in Blighty since the dear old Libertines kicked the bucket.

Bringing to mind freakbeat psychos such as The Creation and The Attack, the Anglo-Argentinian group are also steeped in the bizarre world of South American psychedelia.

Made for dancing, the group’s almost constant run of live dates has seen them play everywhere from youth clubs to working men’s clubs, conquering doubters wherever they roam. Debut album ‘Up In My Head’ is an explosive statement of intent. Produced by Stan Kybert, the band chose to retreat from the hype to rural Lincolnshire, acting as sonic scientists to create remarkable experiments with sound. Aware of their heritage, but without being retro, The Draytones will make you tune in, turn on and freak out.

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